Yoga And It’s Health Benefits

The practice of yoga is growing in acceptance even by the allopathic medical community who generally used to debunk the mind-body connection for healthy lifestyles. Realizing the yoga health benefits, physicians are recommending yoga to patients who have illnesses ranging from arthritis to cancer or mental instabilities as yoga helps in body health and mental calmness. Older patients are increasingly being referred to the practice of yoga by their physicians as a healthy way to maintain bone strength and overall flexibility. The eastern-western philosophies of health are coming together because of the scientific support of the health benefits of a centuries-old practice of breathing and body control.



Yoga Health Benefits:

Though yoga has been practiced for centuries, the popularity in the United States began to grow as celebrities such as the Beatles and Jack Kerouac began to embrace eastern philosophies in the 1970’s. The practice of yoga was at first a trendy thing to do, then morphed into a state of spiritual cleansing, and now is viewed as an effective way to engage in the preventive practices that help reduce and manage stress and other bodily ills. People are also embracing concepts of power yoga and heated yoga which focus on building strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Scientist and physicians are studying the effects of yoga, along with exercises that reduce stress, on patients with heart disease and cancer. Popular television doctors are now on the bandwagon that healthy preventive care should include the practice of yoga. Dr. Mehmet Oz states that yoga will improve strength and flexibility as well as contribute to the control of blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing.

Healing The Body Through Yoga: 

Yoga has definite healing benefits to the body. While yoga is a great stretching and flexibility exercise, the act of yoga benefits the bodily functions through its movements and positions. The movements stimulate the blood and lymphatic fluids that move toxins out of the body enabling it to receive nutrients. Yoga puts the body in positions that enhance circulation, whether it is the twisting of the body in gentle rocking motions that act as a stimulant, or positions that increase the flow of blood to brain when the head is lower than the body.

Yoga incorporates deep breaths that will increase oxygen in the body to enrich the blood. Lack of sufficient oxygen will result in lowered immune functions that can lead to many degenerative illnesses. The deep breathing in yoga is not just for focusing and relaxing the mind to prepare for different positions, but actually has scientific benefits of increasing the number one nutrient of the body which is oxygen.

It is universally embraced that stress can actually result in damage to the body and health of an individual. The nervous system controls many bodily functions, and mental stress often results in disease of the body as well as the mind. Yoga stretches will release tension from the muscles, increase the range of movement in joints, and relax the mind and bring about mental clarity. The slow, methodical movement from position to position in yoga calms the mind as well as the body, resulting in lowered stress levels and nervous confusion.

Mind And Body Connection Of Yoga: 

Western medicine is embracing the connection between mind and body. Yoga is not just exercise. It is a lifestyle that focuses as much on the mind and living a healthy life as it does on the actual practice of yoga positions. Physicians are embracing the concept of yoga in its totality.

Yoga incorporates diet, rest, management of stress, and doing things that lead to a healthy lifestyle. Further, yoga focuses on expanding awareness of the world and channeling positive thoughts and attitudes every day. Maintaining a healthy, positive outlook on life will result in better health, as the person’s daily decisions will eliminate negative foods, thoughts, and actions. The spiritual component of the practice of yoga supports wellness and peace of mind.

The poses in yoga have a western philosophy scientific basis for improving health and reducing the negative effects of stress. The mental connection of the practice of yoga is eastern-based supporting a spiritual awareness of the universe. Combined, the west/east connection of the science of practicing preventive health and living in a positive state of mind supports that yoga is not merely an exercise. Yoga is based on the scientific philosophy of wellness.

Do You Practice Yoga? 

If you practice yoga, what is the health, both physical and mental, benefits that you have derived out of practicing yoga? Do share your thoughts with the readers by putting your comments below.

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  3. parveen jain says:

    i m practising from last eight years before that i used to take pain killer for headache now i never have headache morally strong do yoga daily

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