Yeast Infection: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Yeast infection is one of the most infamous diseases amongst women today. Its better to understand the symptoms of yeast infection to initiate the right treatment though there may be several causes of yeast infection.  Simply put at least half of the women experience yeast infection once in their lifetime and usually are not aware of their condition. So what makes yeast infection so simple that most of us do not care about it? Most importantly it is not a fatal disease and on a side note, there is a chance that it can just go away by itself. For the ones that are recurring and chronic, yeast infection might be just the meaning of hell on earth for the sufferers. But no need to panic, I will try to elaborate more on yeast infection, causes, symptoms and treatment methods in this article.

What Is Yeast Infection?  

Before getting started, what is yeast infection? Is yeast really a bad thing? Not necessarily. It is tasty in bread for sure. What makes it dangerous is the uncontrolled overgrowth of it in our bodies. We naturally have various amounts of different bacteria in our body, the vaginal parts for women, specially speaking. One of these bacteria, called Candida Albicans sometimes starts to grow rapidly and when it takes control, things get a little unpleasant. So the life milestones of yeast infection is, step one something triggers the rapid growth of candida, step 2 it takes control of the bacteria balance, step 3 yeast infection.

So What Are The Causes Of Yeast Infection?  

There are a lot of different root causes of yeast overgrowth and they vary from each person to another. Most well known causes are antibiotics, your diet, chemicals, hormonal changes, sexual transmission and weak immune systems. Antibiotics are great at curing diseases, but along with killing bad bacteria, they sometimes kill good bacteria and mess up our balances as well. This is a perfect opportunity for yeast to step on stage and take control. If your diet is rich in yeast products or sugar that might be a cause you have to look into. People with diabetes often report recurring yeast infections as sugar in the urine feeds yeast, and result in more yeast wandering around your crotch. Chemicals including soaps, antibacterial creams, and fragrances often damage your vaginal area and should not be used with or without the existence of a yeast infection. They are not good, period. Hormonal changes are usually due to usage of steroid or birth control pills which fluctuate your hormonal and ph levels. Candida can pass from one person to another. Even though yeast infection is not classified as an STD, you should be careful in practicing clean and healthy relationships. And finally weak immune systems, as in all health conditions, make you vulnerable to yeast infection more.

Symptoms Of Yeast Infection

Yeast Infection Symptoms

It is really crucial to pinpoint the actual cause of your situation, because you can treat yeast infections, but if you do not take any measures against the underlying causes, it will come back to make your life miserable again.

How Do I know The Symptoms Of Yeast Infection?   

Well the yeast infection symptoms are usually obvious. You will mostly feel an unbearable itching and a burning sensation. You will see a white discharge that looks like cheese, sometimes thick, white to yellowish looking. You will smell something really close to bread, beer and other yeast products as if you are in your kitchen with your baking soda. Most of the time, the white discharge and the smell are almost a precise diagnosis point to make sure you have yeast infection. If you think your symptoms are even slightly different, you have to consult your doctor to get an accurate diagnosis. It can be more serious.

Makes Me Miserable, How Do I Treat Yeast Infection?      

As I said before, finding out the root cause will be a much more preventive measure for future, but if you are looking for fast relief from your current condition, you can take two routes. There are things you can find in a grocery store, which we commonly call home remedies. Yeast infection home remedies, are rather simple things but they are proven effective. Most known ones are yogurt and garlic. Yogurt has natural bacteria that kill yeast by producing hydrogen peroxide. You really do not need to know the chemical formulations. Simply put some yogurt in a tampon, freeze and apply it. Coldness will help with the itching and yogurt will do its act to kill the yeast. It is so commonly used now, even the professional physicians recommend it. Garlic, tastes amazing. Kills yeast too! It contains a natural anti fungal substance that deal with it very effectively. Apply directly. There are also medications available. They are also proven to be effective but I always vouch for the home remedies. The biggest reason, if you are not sure you have yeast infection, by using medication, you are making the yeast in your body immune to the medication which causes the medication unable to act properly on a serious disease. Home remedies usually do the trick. Yogurt and garlic is very powerful, so if they are not effective, I suggest you to consult a physician before proceeding.

My Last Words:        

Yeast infection is a disease that is both very common and taken very lightly by most people, but it can cause a lot of discomfort in your body, psychology and relationships. It is best to know the common symptoms and treatment methods to get rid of yeast infection for healthy genitals.

Have You Ever Experienced Yeast Infection?       

Yeast infection is a very common disease and most of us go through it at some point of time in our lives. If you ever experienced it, how did you manage to get rid of it? Do share your treatment and remedies of yeast infection with us.

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