Weight Loss Myths And Facts

In today’s lifestyle health and fitness problems have grown many fold, and people in general believe all those weight loss myths and in fact tend to ignore the weight loss facts. People are much concerned about their health and fitness that they hardly tend to enjoy even their choicest of food and drinks, reason – they fear that it might add up to the unwanted kilos onto their body, and even if one does indulge in his / her food and drinks, its not without a burden of guilt in his / her mind. How we wish that we could have all that lip smacking food and drinks of our choice and not gain an inch. YES we can, why can’t we? We will show you some common weight loss myths and tell you about the weight loss facts so as to make you aware  of the facts to maintain an ideal weight.

Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss Myths

The answer to all the worries above lies in the simple fact that we all must follow some sort of daily fitness regime and start enjoying our food without a slightest of guilt in our mind.

Though we know that we are surrounded by number of weight loss myths, hence I am trying to uncover some of these myths here under –

Common Weight Loss Myths –

(1) Myth : Weight Loss By Fad Diets


Fad Diets are not the permanent solution to weight loss as it is being believed. Fad diets project permanent and quick weight loss and may even recommend cutting down on certain rich calorie food because of which you may loose weight initially. People get tired quickly of following such a diet regime which basically cut down on rich calorie food and promotes bland combination of food diet. Once you come back to your normal diet intake you tend to gain even much more weight than you have lost. Fad diets also do not provide the required nutrients which a normal body needs and secondly loosing weight very quickly is also harmful. This is where your daily fitness regime comes into effect. By following a healthy fitness regime you can very easily put those extra kilos off your body and at the same time ENJOY your choicest of food too.

(2) Myth : No Starch Food For Weight Loss.

Fact :

On the contrary many foods which are high in starch are low in fats and calories such as – rice, bread, fruits, cereals, beans etc. They become high in fat and calories only when they are served with rich toppings of say butter, cheese or mayonnaise. Therefore it is always better to balance the required starch as well as dietary fiber in your diet.

(3) Myth : Low Carbohydrate And High Protein Diet Is Good For Weight Loss.

Fact :

Consuming most part of your body’s requirement of protein through high protein foods such meat, eggs, cheese may not be as beneficial as one thinks, because you may end up accumulating lot of fat and cholesterol through these food products which may give rise to heart related diseases, on the contrary eating less amount of dietary fiber in the form of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains may lead to constipation problems.

(4) Myth : Weight Loss By Skipping Meals.

Fact :

On the contrary you tend to gain more weight if you follow a ‘skipping a meal’ schedule. People often skip their breakfast in their pursuit to lose weight. Breakfast being the most important meal of the day should never be missed, because it lays the foundation for you to face the day ahead. Missing a meal makes you much hungrier and when you sit for your next meal you are sure to hog lot more than you would have normally done because you are feeling very hungry and hence add up to the weight instead of loosing it. Instead eat small quantities at small intervals which would help control your appetite too.

The food we eat acts as the fuel for our body, therefore the simple equation is to balance the fuelintake and the fuel consumption in the right proportion, that is to say if we eat more, we should have the ability to burn more calories to balance the said equation of our body’s metabolism, therefore a well balanced daily health and fitness regime is the solution to your maintaining a perfect body weight in accordance to your diet and lifestyle.

Having busted few weight loss myths above, and knowing the fact about weight loss achieving weight loss should not be difficult at all. So achieve your weight loss by eating and enjoying your choicest food to the fullest but in moderation and proper balance and the most important of all – follow a daily fitness regime.

These were some of the myths related to weight loss, how did you find them, please put your comments on it. If you want to share myths related to weight loss, do share them here.

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    When trying to lose weight, you can still eat your favorite foods—as long as you pay attention to the total number of calories that you eat.

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