Overcoming The Stress of Vitiligo

When you are living with Vitiligo, often referred to as Michael Jackson skin disease you need to know how to work past the problems that might arise from inappropriate treatment received from others. This will almost always cause stress, Vitiligo and Stress often co exist and you need to be ready to deal with it.

You need to work on good coping skills, cultivate a strong self-esteem and positive self-image while keeping an optimistic outlook. This could sound like a huge load of things to worry about, but you can do it. Keeping your stress levels in check can help keep the vitiligo under control. So how can you do this?

Dealing With Stress Due To Vitiligo:

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to work on your mindfulness. This is probably the number one strategy used to help people with stress, addictions, chronic pain, and many other issues. What is mindfulness? The importance of mindful awareness cannot be overemphasized.

Vitiligo And Stress

Vitiligo And Stress

Learn to recognize the things people do or which happen that are stressors to you. There is no right or wrong here. Plainly put, whatever gets on your nerves is a stressor for you. Think then about what your reaction, both physical and emotional, is in these situations. Acknowledge your distress; don’t deny it. What exactly is it about these situations that is causing you distress?

How To Bring About The Change In Your Attitude?

Now think about how you can change your reaction that will help dissipate the distress. You have the power to decide that some situations just aren’t worth it and that you would rather avoid them completely. When that is possible, great, in other situations, you have to consider how you might change things to improve the outcome.

Think about how you can reduce the intensity of your emotional reactions to bad situations. Are you letting your stressors get blown out of proportion? In other words, are you exaggerating the stressor and creating the problem for yourself? Try your best to be honest with yourself. This is where managing your attitude towards the bad attitudes of others becomes important. Don’t get mad; explain the truth when someone states something that is wrong about your vitiligo. Take control of the situation. Get intellectual about the situation without being emotional.

Work Upon To Reduce Stress:

Use stress reduction techniques to help wind your reaction down. Slow, deep breathing can drop your heart rate back into the normal range. Walking away and coming back later to discuss the situation after your first emotional reaction has died down can help immensely. Politely excuse yourself and return when you are ready. Once you are away from the situation use the time to relax, not to hype yourself up more. Take a little “me time” to do something that will unwind you such as listening to music you enjoy or sneaking a quick read in your favorite magazine.

Have a Regular Exercise Regime:

Keep yourself in great physical condition. Exercise regularly, and use exercise as a method of relaxing. This could mean doing yoga and pilates rather than kick boxing, but remember everyone is different. Some people find a very challenging run to be quite relaxing in the end. Do what feels good. Eat a well-balanced diet. Balance leisure and work. Get enough rest.

Work on your emotional reserves by developing supportive relationships that are mutually beneficial. You will feel good if you can help someone as much as they help you. Look for and find purpose in what you do and pursue realistic goals.

Maintain a Great Self Esteem:

If your self-esteem is slipping, work to bring it back up to its best level. Use internal talk to remind yourself how good you really are. Don’t let your internal critic overwhelm you. Don’t be your own enemy. Instead, be positive about yourself.

Be ready for failures and frustrations. That is a normal part of life for everyone, with or without vitiligo. Don’t blame your skin disease for something that is an everyday part of people’s lives.

If you feel like you are being overwhelmed by life and stress due to vitiligo, it is time to seek professional help. Don’t be ashamed. Anyone can need a little counseling for whatever life is handing them to deal with. You are no different.

Over To You!!

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  1. tapasvini.emblix says:

    Vitiligo, is really a severe problem for the people who are facing it, it causes more depression, lot of stress, also loses patience. And you have done a good job in over coming this problem by giving some tips.

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