25 Healthy Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

We all know that hydrogen peroxide is great for killing germs on your skin, but do you know all the other great healthy uses this non toxic cleaner has? From the kitchen to the bathroom to inside your mouth, peroxide is a miracle substance that can help you lead a healthier, cleaner life.

Below are few healthy uses for hydrogen peroxide –

(1) Wash Veggies –

We all know how important it is to wash the pesticides and bacteria from the fruits and vegetables we buy at the supermarket. Well, here is a quick and easy way to get them germ free. Just add ¼ cup of peroxide to your cold sink water and wash the produce. Give it a quick rinse and you are good to go.

(2) Mouthwash –

Another great use for peroxide is an inexpensive mouth wash that does not burn. You just mix equal parts of peroxide ad water and swish around for thirty seconds. Not only does it kill the germs that cause gingivitis and halitosis, but it also helps to keep your teeth white. You cannot use it too frequently however (more than twice a week) or it will start to eat away your tooth enamel.

Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

(3) Tooth Whitener –

Make a paste of salt, baking soda and peroxide and brush with this combo once a week for sparkling white teeth at pennies on the dollar. Why waste your money on whitening strips or formulas when you have all the ingredients already in your home?

(4) Pan Scrub –

To clean off those baked on or burnt on stains on your pots, pans and cookie sheets try a paste of baking soda and peroxide. Spread on the stain and let sit for a while. Then when you come back the stain should rinse right off. Works on any pan, from steel to ceramic.

(5) Non Toxic Cleaner –

Peroxide makes a great cleaner for those food dense places like the fridge, dishwasher, and microwave. Just mix equal parts of water and peroxide and spray it on. Let it bubble for a few seconds and then wipe off. Everything is clean, white and shiny with no toxic residue.

(6) Whiten the Bathroom –

Peroxide is a great solution to ring around the bathtub, dirty toilet bowls, or grungy looking grout. Just spray peroxide directly on the grout or bathtub (or add half a cup to the toilet water) and then let sit for twenty minutes. Come back and the stain should wipe right off. You may have to repeat the process a few times for really stubborn grout stains.

(7) Bleach Alternative –

For a non toxic alternative to nasty bleach, try peroxide. Apply directly to stains on whites or add to the wash water to get your tablecloths, curtains and white clothing brighter than ever. Do not put directly on dark clothing or it will bleach it.

(8) Floor Cleaner –

Add half a cup of peroxide to a gallon of hot water and go to work. This method is safe and effective on any type of hard flooring and brightens up even the dingiest of floors. Best of all there is no need to rinse!

(9) Kids Toys –

Cleaning and sanitizing children’s toys is always a tough thing to do safely and effectively, but peroxide is a great alternative to toxic cleaners. It is also safe to use around people with respiratory problems because it is not a lung irritant.

(10) Healthy Plants –

Got fungus on your plants? Ward it off by adding a little hydrogen peroxide to your water bottle the next time you give your plants a spray.

(11) Healthy Lunches –

Make sure your children’s lunch kits and thermoses are clean and bacteria free by washing them with peroxide. Safe and effective.

(12) Prevent Wilting –

Prevent your salads and greens from wilting by spraying a solution of half a cup of water and one tablespoon of peroxide over your leftovers. Drain, cover and refrigerate to preserve your salad for quite a while.

(13) Clear Acne

A dab of peroxide on acne twice a day will help to clear it up faster and reduce redness.

(14) Remove Ear Wax –

Add a couple of drops of olive or almond oil to the ear first. Then a few drops of peroxide. After letting it bubble for a few minutes tilt your head and let the solution and wax slide out.

(15) Help Foot Fungus –

If you are suffering from athlete’s foot or get it frequently this could be a big help. Just spray your feet with a fifty-fifty solution of peroxide and water every day to prevent outbreaks. Or soak your feet once a week for ultimate protection.

(16) Remove Blood Stains –

If you have ever gotten blood on fabric then you know how hard it is to get out. Just dab some peroxide on the blood stain let it bubble, and gently blot it up. Repeat until the stain is gone.

(17) Skunk Stink –

This is one I hope you will never have to use but it might come in handy. To remove the stink from a skunk all you need to do is mix together one quart of hydrogen peroxide, one fourth cup baking soda, one teaspoon Dawn dish soap, and two quarts of warm water. Wash with that and you will be stink free.

(18) Fungi Free Fish –

A great way to keep your aquarium healthy and happy is to add just a little hydrogen peroxide. It will not hurt the fish but it will help to keep fungus from growing in the tank.

(19) Musty Smelling Towels –

If your bath towels have gotten that musty smell there is an easy remedy for that. Simply wash the towels with one half cup of hydrogen peroxide and one half cup of white vinegar. Let it sit in the solution for fifteen minutes before washing as normal and you will get fresh smelling towels again.

(20) Cleaner Dishes –

Add two ounces of hydrogen peroxide to your regular dish soap for a sanitizing boost. You can also add it to your dishwasher’s soap dispenser to make sure your dishes get extra clean.

(21) Clean Toothbrushes

We all know how easy it is to spread germs, but have you ever thought about your family’s toothbrushes? If one child is sick then chances are you will all get it. Prevent the spread of germs of your toothbrush by soaking them in hydrogen peroxide between uses. That way everyone’s teeth and bodies stay germ free!

(22) Sanitize Your Work Space –

Have you ever thought about how many germs are on your computer’s keyboard, your laptop, or your cell phone? Well, kill those germs with a swipe of non toxic hydrogen peroxide. Save to use on electronics as long as you do not soak them in it!

(23) Sanitize Your Preparation Space –

Hydrogen peroxide is a great way to clean cutting boards and counters before you start meal preparation. Make sure none of that nasty salmonella gets spread around by letting it bubble for a minute before wiping it up.

(24) Clean Sponges –

We all know that sponges soak up germs like crazy and need to be replaced on a regular basis. However there is a way to sanitize them. Just let them soak for ten minutes in a fifty-fifty solution of hydrogen peroxide and warm water and then rinse them thoroughly. They will be ready for another round of cleaning!

(25) Detoxify Your Body –

According to some alternative health care practitioners, adding half a bottle of hydrogen peroxide to a warm bath can help to detoxify your body. I do not know if it works or not, but a long bath with hydrogen peroxide will leave both you and your tub squeaky clean!

These are just some of the healthy ways you can use hydrogen peroxide in your home. I recommend a three percent solution, but you can buy a stronger solution and then water it down if you would like. Whatever you do, you know that peroxide will kill the germs and leave everything just a bit whiter.

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