Top 10 Lifestyle Changes To Lose Weight

You won’t get a more passionate view on the lifestyle changes to lose weight for your bodythan here. Bank on it.

Here, you get the truth, the passionate truth. This time it is about losing weight. We won’t even consider the controversial losing of weight when one stops smoking and often initially gains weight. That is a topic in and of it. Stay tuned.

Oh, and one more thing. No matter what someone tells you, no matter what article on the latest study you read says, know this… is your body we are talking about losing weight.   Learn about your body beyond this article. Everybody’s body is different and no one can make a prescribed formula for your weight loss goals, only you can.



On to the top 10 lifestyle changes to lose weight that you may need to make.

1.Cut The Sugars:   

Everybody is different and nobody metabolizes calories the same as another. Yes, even twins. Refined sugar is called sucrose. Fruit sugar is called fructose. Most ingredients that end their name with ‘ose’ are sugars or yeasts. Contrived sugars from plants are called another…..stevia comes to mind of late. No matter. Sugar is sugar and for a given day in your life, when your body has had all it can take of sugar, excess is converted into fat. You can literally eat too many fruits alone and gain weight. Yes, trust me. Refined sugars, the worst (but taste the best, hard to give up).   Losing weight requires determination and mental ‘can do’ over conditioned Pavlov ‘must have’ tastes. Read labels and cut the sugars. Go gradually and use a known accurate scale or means of measuring to track your progress day to day.

 2. Start Walking:   

By cutting the sugars, you have the opportunity to capitalize on that to pick up your body’s energy while further metabolizing calories. If you do not exercise, start walking. A brisk walk should get you to 3.5 to near 4 miles per hour. Track your time walking. Approximate calorie burnt is between 150 to 230 for each 15 minutes of brisk walking. Start less than brisk to deal with muscle soreness. Don’t overdo it, but do it. You will feel it in energy gains. An allied brisk walking motivator is music. Savor it. It helps to pass the time.

 3. Cut Fast Foods:  

Fast foods came in to being mainly from the 1960’s forward. Nice concept but not health friendly. Again conditioning makes it hard to cut back. Lower the portions to begin. Replace with healthy food alternatives. Some nuts are even fine and can even have added health benefits. Unprocessed nuts, fruits, and grains are good. Simplify, if the ingredients list have a lot of big chemical words, they are not good. Track your progress. Write things down. Log it.

 4. Cut Processed Oils:   

We accept too many things in our society, including processed foods. Processed oils are not healthy. Olive oil is costly but worth it. It is healthy oil. For most food preparation, it will work. Read up on exceptions and seek out other alternative oils when you cook. When we cut the fast foods, we are cutting a lot of oils we cannot control. When we smart shop, we can make healthier choices. Think of processed oils clogging up the blood flow, they do. You want your blood flowing clean, like clean oil through your car’s engine.

 5. Start Building Muscle:  

Muscle burns 35 calories while the body is at rest, fat burns a whopping 2. Speaks for itself. Start out slow, we don’t need incredible soreness or damage to muscle fibers slowing us down for 4 days after an aggressive start. Use equipment carefully or do it naturally after reading up on isometrics and natural ways to build muscle. You like your meat?  Build muscle to replace fat and your body cravings for meat are far more justified plus metabolized.

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 6. Eat Vegetables And Fruit: 

Roughage and fiber in the diet is fundamentally needed. The bowels need to move and some of us are so gunked up from foods eons ago, never mind the parasites that love it down there. As gross as it sounds, it is real. Find the veggies you like and learn about the best ones with probiotic features and anti-oxidants. Yes, expense might go up but look to buy things in season, on sale, and do in moderation to avoid over sugaring your body. Track your progress.

 7. Apply Consistency:   

Making the suggested changes means doing them consistently. You don’t look to do this for a fad, a short period of time to get excited about body and energy changes only to then fall back to old habits. Going that route will harm you, not help you.  You will gain more than before. Commit to yourself, this is the new you and you love yourself.

 8. Do ‘The Climb’:  

There is this pining song called ‘The Climb’. Apply it to yourself. Consider your initial pound or few lost as a teaser. Now it is time to get serious. Visualize the weight you want to be and the amount of muscle you want to replace from the fats you will lose. Read up on the ‘how to’s’ with increasing exercise and muscle building to toning or get a training coach. If you have not written anything down, doing so now is the real deal, the climb to the top of the mountain of weight loss and health gain you aspire. Track what goes in to your body each day and what comes out, as well as your exercise.

 9. Get Proper Sleep:   

Sleep deprivation is a killer to a body that is aging and tiring with its pilot trying to regain control of it. You must get proper sleep. Day bloating affects many bodies but sleep is universal to all bodies. The body needs rest to work off of its resting metabolic processes. Amount of sleep varies but in general 6 to 8 hours is considered enough.

 10. Maintain:   

Once you achieve the body and health you visualized, it is not over. You need to maintain. One sure fact of aging is that the metabolism slows down. You can try a cheat food for two but track it against your improved lifestyle activities now. You need to learn where your threshold is for weight gain and control it.  Congratulations, you have proven you love yourself and no doubt you are more attractive to all around you.


The preceding prescription requires you to be directly involved with you. Read up on your body and make smarter choices, begin to move yourself to not only eating better food choices but towards increased exercise. For those that might venture in to more radical and safe ways to cleanse their body and lead a healthy life, look for an upcoming compelling article on health and fitness care.

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Did you change your lifestyle to attain your weight loss goals? How did you manage to do it? Share your views to let our readers know and get motivated for achieving their weight loss goals.

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