Tips To Treat And Cure Burns

Getting burned accidently is a horrifying experience in itself. It is advised that one should keep oneself cool and should not panic and treat the burns. We will discuss some of the tips and remedies to treat and cure burns here to help you control the situation in case, God forbid, you are caught in such a situation.



Depending upon the degree of burns you can try these tips and remedies to treat your burns. Minor burns usually just need minimum care, but if the degree of burn is higher please take immediate medical help and rush for the nearest medical facility available to get the immediate treatment.

How To Treat And Cure Burns:

  • You should be aware how to ascertain the degree of burn. Generally first degree burns turn red, second degree ones have blisters and third degree burns result in blackening of skin.
  • Next try to put the burn area under cool running water for at least five minutes. Do not put ice on the burn area because this may cause damage to the skin.
  • It is advised to keep the burn area covered. Put a clean and loose dressing on the burn area. Don’t tie a cloth very tightly on the burn area.
  • Do not apply any cream or burn ointment on the burn until the skin has been completely cooled off. A simple and effective home remedy is to apply honey on the burn area. The moisturising properties of honey will help the burn to heal faster.
  • Its advisable to remove any jewellery, belts and constructive clothing that may be surrounding the burn area.
  • Do not use petroleum jelly, oils or butter to treat the burn area. This will add to the amount of heat you feel and will make you uncomfortable.
  • Use aloe vera gel on the burn area. The cooling effect of aloe vera gel is helpful to ease the pain of the superficial burn. Wait for some time for the gel to neutralise the burn then apply the gel twice a day on the affected area to help the skin heal.
  • If the red burn area suddenly turns into blisters, then don’t touch it. Picking or trying to burst blisters will only worsen your condition. Actually the blister protects the skin from infections and makes the skin underneath heal faster.
  • If the pain is unbearable you may take a mild painkiller, but be sure that you take the correct dose. The better option would be to consult your doctor for some pain killers and if required, some antibiotics to make the burn heal faster.

What Are Your Tips To Treat And Cure Burns?

Above I have mentioned some tips to treat and cure burns in case of sudden mishaps. How did you find these tips and if you know more of these remedies and tips, do share them with us by putting your comments. It would really help people in distress looking for some immediate tips and remedy to treat and cure their burns.

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8 comments on “Tips To Treat And Cure Burns
  1. I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  2. Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  3. Ancol says:

    few years back i had a burn mark on my leg and am using Nomarks cream. The result of this cream is quite good but still not much satisfied. Thanks for your post 🙂

    • RJSKOCHHAR says:

      It depends upon the degree of burns you got. For minor burns these first aid creams are beneficial but for higher degree of burns it is advisable to get them treated under proper medical supervision. Thanks.

  4. Mel says:

    You mentioned that honey is moisturizing, but it also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that will help keep a burned area from becoming infected. However, it is also sticky and may hurt to wash off, so an OTC topical cream of some sort may be a better choice.

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