How To Recharge Your Mind And Body?

Whether it’s after a busy day at work, or a hectic afternoon looking after the children, there’s nothing better than being able to give yourself some time out to relax and unwind.



Nowadays most of us are time poor and it’s often difficult to ‘take five’ from the daily grind, especially if you’re on a budget and can’t afford to take a day off to truly recharge your batteries.

Well, fear not, rather than spending large amounts of money on spa treatments and/or other relaxation therapies, there are a number of easy and inexpensive things you can do to recharge your mind and body at whatever time of day is best for you.

Below Are Few Ways To Recharge Your Mind And Body:  

  • Power Nap:  

Sleep is obviously a great way to rest your mind. If you’re unable to string together an optimal 8 hours, maximize the benefits of sleep versus time with a power nap; it’ll help to quickly revitalize and get you through the day. Just be sure to take no longer than half an hour to avoid disturbing your usual sleeping pattern.

  • Take A Long Warm Bath:   

The healing properties of water can be traced back to Ancient Greece, and there’s nothing better than a hot bath at the end of the day to relax your muscles, reduce your tension, anxiety and stress levels. Adding in some candles, salts and oils will leave you feeling mentally refreshed too.

  • Exercise:  

It may seem a bit of a contradiction, but a short spell of workout, such as stretching or gentle jogging is a great way to loosen up and will help to release endorphins that produce a feeling of well-being too. If you’re lacking time or don’t fancy braving the elements, you could always transform your chores into a workout with the right sound track. That mundane vacuuming could easily become a stretch workout and the gardening an outdoor gym session…

  • Leave The House:   

Whether it’s for a quick breath of fresh air or a leisurely walk in the park, the outdoors can be a great source of peace and quiet and an opportunity to clear your mind. Whatever the weather, enjoy breathing in some fresh air and blow away those cobwebs.

  • Get On The Phone:  

Calling old friends and/or family is another fantastic way to offload any burdens, trouble or worries that might be weighing you down. Be sure that the old adage, “a problem shared…” has truth to it. Remember; it’s good to talk!

  • Read:  

Immersing yourself in a good book can often be a great way to escape reality for a while and is a very relaxing experience. If you’re not that in to your reading, why not watch one of your favourite films instead?

  • Get Creative:  

Whether it’s painting, writing or playing an instrument, getting creative is a great way to express yourself, take your mind off the grind, can often be a very calming activity.

  • Treat Yourself:  

Buying yourself a box of chocolates and/or a good bottle of wine can be a great way to help you relax in an evening – and a nice treat every once and a while.

 What Are Your Ways To Recharge Your Mind And Body?  

Do you find yourself feeling frazzled and in need of some time out? If you have any additional suggestions of cheap or inexpensive ways to relax, unwind and recharge yourself, then we’d love to hear your ideas.

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2 comments on “How To Recharge Your Mind And Body?
  1. Glenda says:

    These are all great tips. Power nap is one of the best to recharge our
    body.Our body are need sometime to relax. Thanks for sharing. Great post!

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