Tips To Prevent Teeth Grinding

Ten Tips To Prevent Teeth Grinding Or Bruxism:

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a dental condition that generally affects more women than men. Problems stemming from teeth grinding or bruxism can include broken, chipped and cracked teeth, frequent earaches, neckaches, and headaches, sensitive teeth and soreness of jaw muscles.

People grind their teeth most commonly at night, but it can also happen during the day. Teeth grinding is an unconscious habit, but there are many ways to correct or even prevent bruxism.

(1) Limit The Use Of Caffeine To Control Teeth Grinding:   

Caffeine acts as a stimulant and increases the chances of teeth grinding while sleeping. Alcohol, while a depressant, is also linked to sleep disorders and can trigger teeth-grinding. Limit your intake of both of these elements, especially in the evening.

(2) Use Of Warm Compress:

Before falling asleep, apply a heating pad or warm compress to your jaw, relaxing the muscles. Add the soothing smell of lavender to help you relax. This helps in overcoming bruxism.



(3) Back To Sleep:  

If possible, go to sleep on your back, which decreases the pressure on your jaw joints and can help prevent teeth grinding.

(4) Avod Chewing Gum:

If you chew gum often, it may be time to stop. Chewing gum is habit-forming and can develop into or encourage unconscious teeth grinding.

(5) Keep A Check On Teeth Grinding:   

Teeth grinding can happen during the day as well as while you’re sleeping. Keep a small notebook with you and write down when you notice yourself grinding your teeth. Review the journal for patterns and train yourself to unclench your jaw during these times.

(6) Dietary Needs:

It’s difficult to get all of the nutrients we need in our fast-paced society, and a calcium deficiency can led to muscle spasms in your jaw. A calcium supplement can help ensure you have enough of this nutrient in your system which is beneficial to stop teeth grinding.

(7) Check Your Medications:

There are some common medications that can actually cause teeth grinding as a side-effect. If your medication is one of these, check with your doctor about changing to a different medication.

(8) Do Deep Breathing Exercises To Prevent Teeth Grinding:

Teeth grinding is most commonly attributed to stress, which can be managed with deep breathing exercises, stretching and yoga. Other stress management techniques include medication, therapy, and exercise. Consult your doctor about which stress reduction practices may be right for you.

(9) Check With Your Dentist:

Because of the potential damage it can do to your teeth, consult your dentist if you notice that you’re grinding your teeth. There may be a condition, like a misaligned jaw, that is causing you to grind your teeth. Your dentist can also check that any dental work you have isn’t contributing to the problem.

(10) Guard Your mouth:

Finding the right mouth guard is a process of trial and error. Start with the most common and inexpensive mouth guard, like the ones used by athletes. If that doesn’t work, there are dental guards that you can buy over-the-counter in drug stores. Finally, if these don’t work, check with your dentist about a professionally-made night guard that will work for you.

Are You Suffering From Teeth Grinding Or Bruxism?

How do you manage your habit of teeth grinding, if you are suffering from it? Did you find the tips given above useful? Do share your views with us by putting your valuable comments below.

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