Tips To Lose Weight Without Extreme Diet

Because of the various diets that are being displayed on the internet, television, radio and in magazines, this can seriously distract some individuals from their current diet and strategy behind losing weight. If you want to shed some of those pounds, I have come up with a handful of ways on how to lose weight without extreme diet.



Don’t Eat Everything:    

People love to overeat, that’s the fact of life. Going out and feeding your face with a fat juicy steak and mash potatoes is the highlight of some peoples Friday night. Too many people do this and that is why there are so many people overweight. When you do this, it’s common to feel stuffed and tired. Correcting this problem won’t only make you feel better, but you’ll save money by not consuming so much food and your metabolism will improve.

The World Is Your Stair Master:    

You don’t need to have a pass to your local gym to exercise and feel great. You don’t need to be rich and hire a personal trainer to get in the shape you’re looking for. Go to the mall or to the park, anywhere that has a tall staircase is your best friend. Don’t touch that escalator, take the stairs beside them.

Even the local high school might have a track you can go walk or run on. You’re not going to lose weight by sitting on the computer or watching the television.

The Soda Has To Go:    

Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper are all examples of high calorie beverages that are easy to cut out of your diet. When you go out to eat, pass on the soft drinks and opt for some sort of juice or water. Many places will charge upwards of $2 per drink so removing this from your diet will save you money, and calories.

Include Fruits, Especially Bananas:  

Our bodies love bananas because of the essential vitamins that they are made up of. The starch within the bananas can boost your metabolism, increasing your energy and happiness. When you decide to go to work tomorrow morning, instead of grabbing the potato chips, grab a banana, slice it into little chunks and throw it in a zip lock bag. This will be a perfect 2 o’clock snack that will actually help you. If you don’t enjoy tasty bananas, consider sliced apples, pears or any other type of fruit. The worst fruit is better than the best traditional snack food.

Get Off That Couch And Walk More:   

This is potentially the easiest one to change. Most Americans need to drive to get to work and run errands, we need to walk around the grocery store and into work. Next time you go somewhere, park out in the boonies. This way, you’ll get twice (even 3x more) exercise than you’ll normally get. You don’t even need to break a sweat, just get that heart rate up.

If you have conditions that prevent you from engaging in any of these activities, consult your doctor. It’s never a good idea to push yourself too far because you might be causing more harm than good.

Recently by parking farther, eating better and exercising twice per week, I’ve been losing about 5 pounds per month on average. It’s a slow process, but very satisfying.

Share Your Stories with Us:   

What stories do you have? Have you lost weight the traditional way without any extreme diets or supplements? Share your experiences and advice below!

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