Tips To Handle Oily Skin

Oily skin is tough to handle. Acne, zits, and pimples are common in oily skin. Dust gets easily attracted towards oily skin as compared to other skin types. It blocks the pores while leaving no room for air passage leading to difficulty in breathing of skin. With good diet and skin care, oil proportion of skin can be limited.

Here Is A Guide To Keep Your Skin Oil Free:   

  • Say No To Spicy Foods:  

Too much of oily foods make your skin oily. Try to eat fewer spices as well. Along with diet, you have to follow a proper skin care regime that will help in making your skin fresh and young looking.

  • Cleanse Your Skin Daily:   

For oily skin, a gel-based cleanser would be the best option. You can get your skin pores opened and oil removed while making skin to breathe. Do not forget to look for cleansers that are specific to oily skin.



  • Tone Your Skin After Cleansing:  

After cleansing the skin, the extra oil can be removed by using toner. In case of irritation due to toner, avoid using it because your skin is showing sensitivity towards that particular toner. Toners also help in controlling your skin Oh level.

  • Moisturize Your Skin: 

It is a wrong perception that moisturizer should not be used at an oily skin, instead go for moisturizer that is water based, instead of oil based. It helps keeping skin rich in essential oils, not with enough of that.

  • Once A While Exfoliation Is Good:   

This process is performed to remove dead cells from your skin. It will refresh your skin. Exfoliation should be avoided in case of acne or pimples found at oily skin.

Eat diet that is good for healthy skin. It will rejuvenate your skin from inside and the reflection will appear at outer layer.

Your face carries the first impression for people you meet. Glowing skin will make people appreciate your beauty and will give you an inner satisfaction and confidence that you are looking good.

Signs of aging also start appearing at the skin. If you are feeling that your skin has gone rough with wrinkles and black spots, its better to look for the causes of aging skin. In this case anti aging treatment would be the best option for you to go for. Lots of anti aging therapies are available in market and at online portals as well. Every product is claimed to be the best option, but do not rely over sole claims, instead buy the reliable one only, the one carrying more positive reviews of users.

Your skin is different and so is the need to buy a skin care product. Consult your skin doctor to know what is wrong with your skin texture as its not helping your youthful appearance. He will guide you the right way provided he knows what is best for your skin type. If doctor prescribes hormone replacement therapy, then go for bio-identical or natural one, because it will lower the associated side effects.

What’s Your Skin Care Program To Handle Oily Skin?

How do you take care of your skin? Look for an ideal skin care programme and stay fresh, healthy and beautiful all through your life. Do share your views with us below.

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