Tips To Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Lifestyle

In our busy lifestyles, time is often at the premium, and all too often our good intentions regarding exercise fall by the wayside.

Picture a typical day in the life of a busy parent: wake up, feed kids, pack kids lunches, get kids off to school, go to work, get home, feed kids, bath kids, kids to bed, get housework done ,feed self….collapse in front of TV with glass of wine.

Sound familiar?  Well – there are ways to make sure you do get the chance to get some cardio-vascular exercise into your day to day routine, without you even noticing!

How To Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Lifestyle?

The School Run:

Do you really need to drive your kids to school?  OK, if the roads are busy, and if the school is more than 3 miles away then maybe there is an argument for this.  Otherwise, consider wrapping up and making the walk to school – keep up the pace for some great fat burning and it’ll be good for the kids too given the rather alarming stats on childhood obesity.

The Commute To Work:



As above; can you avoid driving?  Commuting by bicycle is becoming increasingly popular, with commuter bikes available to those who need to begin their journey on public transport – finishing up with the final leg of the commute on their trusty folding bike.  Check out bike lanes and bike routes, many cities in the US have invested heavily in creating cycle friendly lanes for your safety and comfort.

Exercise In The Workplace:

The obvious thing to do to get a workout in the workplace is to take the stairs instead of the lift.  The Pomodoro technique is increasingly popular for managing your time in the workplace and you can harness the efficacy of this method from a fitness perspective too – once your alarm goes off to mark your 25 minutes of productivity take a minute or so to move around the office and get some stretches in.  This in turn will increase your alertness, it’s a win-win!

Jobs Around The House:

Approach these mundane tasks with some gusto and you will be surprised by the calories that can be burnt!  If you have carpets and rugs that need cleaning, you can vacuum clean them once in a while.  Start from one end and move to the other and then repeat the whole process from the other end.

Cook Up A Sweat:

You burn over 80 calories per half hour when you cook.  So, if you’re cooking from scratch (no pre prepared meals for you or your healthy walking to school kids!) you’ll be chopping, beating, grating and kneading your way to weight loss.

You can just about justify that glass of wine by the end of your busy, active day.

Now Let’s Hear Your Tips:

Do you have any further top tips for incorporating exercise into your busy lifestyle?  Please let us know by adding your top tips in the comments, your suggestions are much appreciated.

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3 comments on “Tips To Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Lifestyle
  1. Hi, I just wanted to say this is an interesting and informative blog post. I stumbled onto your blog while searching for information on-line to help a client. You’ve got a lot of good content on this site. A few tips I thought of is to sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair. This will strengthen your abs and back and you’ll work on your posture without even trying. Also, use a pedometer and keep track of how many steps you take. Aim for 6,000 to 10,000 steps a day. Thanks for sharing- Kristie.

  2. Ravi Kochhar says:

    lol, you don’t need to bring your work clothes every time Jeffrey, instead you can manage by keeping a set of your workout clothes at your office change room. 😉

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