Tips To Fight Off Colds

The change in weather makes almost all of us fall prey to some illness or the other. Falling sick can be irritating and if you catch up cold it can transform into a sinus problem or even bronchitis. It is rather easy to prevent the problem than to cure it. If we build our immunity system we can prevent many such common ailments and would be better off that getting into various lengthy treatments.

Here Are Some Easy Tips To Fight Off Colds:

  • Wash Properly:

Washing your hands properly and frequently reduce your chances of catching a cold. As soon as you come back home wash your hands with a good anti bacterial soap. Get into a habit of washing your hands with soap before and after meals. It would be a good idea to carry a hand sanitizer in your car or purse.

  • Have A Good Sleep:

It may sound silly, but having a good night’s sleep regularly can go a long way in making your body stronger. Studies suggest that those who skip their normal 7 -8 hours sleep a day may be putting themselves at risk. It is very necessary for the body to have a comfortable sleep of 7 – 8 hours daily to work properly.



  • Protect Your Feet:

You may be careless about this, but keeping your toes covered can prevent you from catching a chill. Exposing your feet can cause constriction of the blood vessels and reduce the body’s defenses.  Therefore it is better to play safe and wear closed shoes during cooler days.

  • Laugh Open Heartedly:

Laughter is the best medicine. Studies suggest laughing endlessly can do your system a whole lot of good. This gets your natural killer cells working which can assist in fighting off colds and flu.

  • Take Adequate Dose Of Vitamins:

It a common belief that if we catch cold we should take vitamin C pills, but experts suggest taking more of vitamin D found in its natural form in sunlight. This vitamin if not present in adequate amounts will produce less proteins that kill the bacteria and viruses. One should have a diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

  • Eat Mushrooms:

Include white button mushrooms in your daily diet. Studies suggest that white button mushrooms can help keep diseases away. Having a cup of raw or cooked mushrooms daily also make a difference.

  • Have A Regular Fitness Regime:

Having a regular exercise and fitness regime helps to fight off cold too. Having a daily exercise helps in building immunity by increasing immune cells in the blood and saliva. You can opt for an aerobics class, cycling or brisk walking.

Group Discussion:

We have highlighted above some aspects of our daily life. Following the above routine in our daily life, you will feel yourself that you have been successful in keeping away the common cold, to which we are susceptible quite easily. How do you normally fight off the cold and what are your ways to keep the cold away? Share your ways of fighting off colds by putting your comments here.

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