Tips To Control Weight Gain

It may sound too idealistic to say that you can maintain weight or even improve your weight reduction program. All it takes is careful planning and proper preparation as to what to eat or cook for your friends and family. The following ideas will help you enjoy tasteful but healthy parties and get together.

If You Are Hosting A Party And Preparing Food:   

(A) Consider serving lots of fresh fruits and vegetables for starters. A great idea is preparing carrot & celery sticks with lemon juice instead of serving nuts or chips.

(B) You may also want to consider assorted seafood (steamed or grilled fish, prawns, and squid with vegetables on the side).

(C) Iced yogurt mixed with fresh fruits or low fat ice cream will greatly be appreciated not only by children.



(D) Fresh fruit shakes or juices will blend well with your low fat food combination.

(E) Do not forget to toast with red or white wine. After the sumptuous lunch or dinner, tea will be the best beverage to balance what you have just consumed.

If You Are Attending Parties, It May Be Wise For You:   

(A) To treat parties as an opportunity to enjoy the company of friends, family, business   associates & partners and even business prospects more than a time to feast on food and drinks.

(B) It is not necessary for you to fill your plate when attending parties. Do not be tempted to take in more than the usual amount and destroy your fitness program overnight.

(C) Take only foods and snacks that are fibrous, less fatty and with less sugar.

(D) Blend well with the crowd and avoid being close to the food table. Interacting with people will keep you busy. It is improper to talk with your mouth full.

(E) Restrain yourself from indulging in the drinks available or offered during the party. Take into account that you are a social drinker. Avoid another bottle of beer when you already have one.

(F) If you feel temptation will prevail, it is advised that you take a healthy snack before you go to the party.

(G) Drink 2-3 glasses of water too. This should keep you a little full. By the time you reach the party place, your mind will not be on food but the company & the fun that goes with it.

(H) Of utmost importance is exercise. If you feel you have taken in more than what should be, do double time in your exercises. There has to be a way to burn those unwanted fats and calories. Walk. Dance. Do your routine exercise. Increase the time that you spend to exercise.

Don’t spoil the enjoyment by depriving yourself of food. Regulate your intake, exercise a lot so you reduce or maintain your weight, at the least.

What Are Your Tips To Control Weight Gain?  

Do share your tips and ideas on the subject by putting your comments below.

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8 comments on “Tips To Control Weight Gain
  1. Nice tips and very interesting. I like Point C of If you are hosting a party. Yes I am agree that if you want to lose weight you should be strong determined in any situation to follow proper diet.

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  3. A big key is ‘G’, drinking lots of water. Not only does this keep you full, but it also keeps you hydrated and always helps when trying to maintain your weight. Also, it is important to note with regard to point ‘H’, you must always check with your doctor to make sure that double-timing your exercise is a good idea.

  4. I like the idea that a good party is possible without eating yourself to a standstill. Take it easy and enjoy yourself. Offer black coffee to your guests – but do not let them think they can drink alcohol, drink a cup of black coffee and be fit to drive.

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