Tips To Check Asthma Symptoms In Children

Asthma symptoms in children should be checked in time. Dealing with childhood asthma in time reduces severity.

Does your child cough incessantly without getting any better for days? Does he / she fall sick with cough and cold more often than what you feel is normal. If your answer is yes, then it is possible that he / she is developing symptoms of childhood asthma.

Asthma is a very common viral infection in children, particularly toddlers during winter season. For children, upto five – six episodes of cough and cold in a year is considered to be normal provided they get better on their own without any long term illness. Since asthma is a viral illness, antibiotics are not recommended in most of the cases, rather they can be harmful.

Asthma Symptoms In Children

Asthma Symptoms In Children

It is very necessary to recognize asthma symptoms in children in time so that proper medication can be started and the severity and frequency of the problem can be reduced.  Unrecognized asthma could be potentially life threatening for a child. Asthma badly affects mental and physical development of a child.

For acute symptoms of asthma, giving nebulizers is not recommended. Efforts should be to avoid these symptoms and help the child to lead normal and unrestricted life.

Tips To Check Asthma Symptoms In Children:     

  • TIP (1)

Check for prolonged cough, especially at night, even when coldis better.

  • TIP (2)

Check for wheezing or whistling sounds in breath.

  • TIP (3)

Check if the coughing persists after exercise sessions.

  • TIP (4)

Check if cold like illness reoccurs five – six times in a year.

  • TIP (5)

Check if there is a family history of childhood asthma or similar symptoms in other siblings.

  • TIP (6)

Check if frequent need of medicines like Asthalin, nebulizer, terbutaline, levolin, oral steroids or frequent antibiotics for cold is needed.

  • TIP (7)

Check if the child has excessively dry skin.

If you notice the above symptoms in your child, don’t ignore, it could be childhood asthma. It always better to recognize the symptoms well in time and get the medical advice and treatment immediately. To treat Childhood Asthma  in time not only saves the child from ongoing agony but also helps to curb the frequency and severity of the condition.

Asthma is very much curable and treatable, once you notice the asthma symptoms in children  get the condition diagnosed by a qualified physician.

Hope above tips help you to check the symptoms of asthma in children, so that the condition is treated and controlled well within time and your child is saved from facing the agony any further.

If you have any more tips to check asthma symptoms in children, do share with us, please put forward your tips by way of comments.

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  1. RJSKOCHHAR says:

    @ Disease Awareness for kids – Good information on asthma, thanks for sharing it.

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    We must have the air filter, the ozone layer, which can prevent the occurrence rather than reduce asthma trigger an asthma attack.
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    Very nice comprehensive article about asthma. This post will benefit many. Thank you for sharing.

  4. i have been suffering from Asthma ever since i was little kid. i can only manage it by taking medicines and some food supplements. “

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    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

  6. I suffered with asthma for ten years and have since then grown out of it. These are great tips but the best advice is prevention. Make sure that your child is aware of the problem and can identify the symptoms and take the necessary steps to prevent attack.

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