Tips To Boost Hair Growth

The question is how to boost hair growth? Hair fall, thinning hair, balding scalp are universal problems and have been so for ages.  The problem needs to be addressed positively and seriously or else the “hair” today gone tomorrow episode keeps repeating.  A little introspection and deeper knowledge about the crowning glory may help you to avoid further hair loss.

Before we analyse the tips to boost hair growth, lets have a quick look at the following –

Hair History:   

Hair keeps growing and renewing as is the case with all other cells of your body.  There are three different stages for hair – stage one is anagen or hair growth, the next is catagen or when hair stays on the head and finally telogen or hair fall.



Reasons For Hair Loss:   

  1. This can be a genetic disorder which may or may not be rectified.  In such cases you should take expert advice and go for hair treatments and hair transplants etc.
  2. Too much chemical usage on the hair in the way of coloring, dyeing and other cosmetic treatments.
  3. Age plays a big role in hair loss, especially after the age of fifty, both men and women tend to lose hair due to reduced renewal of hair cells.
  4. Rough treatment of hair like harsh tying up or use of rubber bands
  5. Lack of proper diet
  6. Lack of sleep and stressful conditions

Follow These Tips To Boost Hair Growth:  

Diet Tips:  

Your healthy condition is reflected in your hair, so eat right, nourish your body and hair to stop hair fall.  Make sure you have enough of vitamins, iron and proteins in your daily diet.  The following list should be part of your everyday menu:-

Food rich in biotin or vitamin H

  • Eggs (cooked)
  • Sardine and other fish

Unprocessed nuts like:

  • Whole grains
  • Bananas
  • Mushrooms
  • Cauliflower
  • Soya beans

Food rich in magnesium:

  • Black and white beans
  • cashew, peanuts, brazil nuts, pine nuts and almonds
  • Wheat flour
  • Buckwheat flour
  • Cornmeal
  • Tomato paste
  • Black-eyed peas
  • Artichokes
  • Cooked or canned spinach

Food rich in proteins

  • Chicken
  • Low fat yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Nut butters

Vitamin H or Biotin is part of the vitamin-B complex, which help in converting the food or carbohydrates into fuel or glucose which is energy.  Lack of biotin is symptomatic with hair loss, dry scaly skin, cracking mouth corners, dry eyes, loss of appetite, swollen and painful tongue, insomnia, fatigue and depression.

Egg whites eaten raw can destroy the body’s capability to absorb biotin.

Magnesium deficiency causes lack of sleep and stressful conditions, which in turn effect hair growth.  To keep this mineral in your system avoid white sugar as much as possible.

Iron is present in most of the items named above besides in potatoes, dried dates, dried figs, sesame, brown bread and cooked lentils.

Take Care To Have Healthy Hair:  

  • Massaging the scalp on a regular basis works wonders – how many times do you do this?  You can do this with your finger tips – massage slowly in circular motions all over your head.  It invigorates the follicles and removes dead cells helping the latent cells to grow.
  • Trim your hair after routine intervals of 4-6 weeks so that the dead ends do not creep up to the roots and damage its life.
  • Sleep well, avoid stress as the plague and drink plenty of water.

What Are Your Tips To Boost Hair Growth?   

Hope the above tips prove useful for you to boost your hair growth. You may share some of your tips and ideas to boost hair growth in the comments below.

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