Tips On How To Eat To Stay Healthy

‘ How we eat ‘ has a great relevance on our daily health.

Hey Pal! Are you kidding? You’d teach us how to eat, funny! Mad, are you???
No I’m not! I’m not mad at all. Yes, most of us need to learn how to eat and correct our eating habits for a healthy living.
I’ve heard many a people complaining of their deteriorating health and receding energy level. “ I’m eating very healthy diet man! But even that is not doing any good to my body!!” and like are the common narrations. “My body has gone mad, it is not responding to even calorie rich food” said one.

I won’t describe the long list of complications that might arise because of this eating habit disorder. For I’ve a lot to describe on eating habits and tips to improve. They surely make difference to your daily health. Heed on –

Mind you! We are not talking about “what to eat” I’ve already taken on that subject extensively in separate articles, we are talking about “how to eat

Grind It Well:

Now a days most of us don’t ave enough time to let our morsel last in our mouth even a few seconds. We rush through it, just gulp it down and ‘next’. We start doing it due to lack of time and gradually it turns into a habit, a poisonous habit it is. Do you remember when you actually tasted a food, its flavors and felt its textures.
Chew well, whatever you eat, chew it until it has mixed well with your saliva and turned into absolute fluid. It helps your food digest well and extract healthy ingredients. Enjoy eating your food.

How To Eat Healthily

How To Eat Healthily

Relax Before You Eat:

Eating under stress or mental trauma affects your digestive system resulting into colitis or heartburn. The best way to eat is sit in a comfortable posture and eatpeacefully, after all this is what we are moving around for. Isn’t it?
Don’t eat while working, driving, watching television or arguing with your partners. Try to create soothing atmosphere around your eating place with music and cool air arrangements and soothe your body with few long breaths. Let your mind, body and senses know you are going to eat.

Don’t Eat Without Hunger:

Don’t pour in anything until your body needs it and demands for it. You will automatically know when you need food. This is how we have been designed. A perfect machine. Eatingwithout hunger will spoil your digestive system and might result in constipation, gas trouble, heartburn, uneasiness, lethargy, and what not. Why waste food and health both.

Don’t Eat More Than It Needs:

Rather eat less. Your body will tell you when it has had enough of anything. Learn to listen to your body and obey it. Don’t even wait for your body’s signal. Learn to understand a stage before it and stop eatinga little before reaching a halting-point. Eating less than to-the-brink will keep you fit in your endeavour to attain health and fitness.

Wake Up Diet:

Don’t show off your grandeur by moving all around your workplace with empty stomach. It’ll run you down. Don’t set off to work without taking a healthy breakfast in the morning every day. Eatinga full-day calorie dose in morning breakfast will give your body sufficient stuff to consume them off.

Eat Again:

Don’t stuff your stomach with food as if you will not get it again. Mind your stomach, don’t mind food. Eat in breaks instead of eating in one go. It will help you stay vibrant throughout the day, without a fatigue.

Follow these simple habits daily, I am sure everybody reading this is concerned about his / her health and fitness, and if you stand to gain out of these simple habits, which I am sure you will definitely, why not slip these into your daily health-care regime.

Do put your comments and share your views on the subject.

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