Tips For Top 10 Effective Office Exercises

Many workplaces understand the value of a work/life balance and often provide gyms or subsidized gym membership and actively encourage participation in activities. But for the armchair sportsman, the sedentary or the simply athletically challenged, there are small things you can do in or around the office to get you started that won’t induce a cardiac arrest. We will discuss below some very effective office exercises which you can follow while being in office.

Do You Take Your Work Life Balance Seriously?   

To lose weight or keep fit, we need to do some exercise that raises our heart rate for around 30 minutes a day, at least 4 times a week. However, to keep our muscles toned we can do some simple stretches and moves every day. Something is better than nothing, right? In that case, get out of that comfy swivel chair and on to your feet, get ready for an office health and fitness regime!

First of all, give your body a shake – shake everything and loosen up a bit, you don’t want to hurt yourself. You can do these 5 times each to begin and work your way up if you wish. Try to suck your abs in during these stretches as well.



(1) Simple Stretch:   

Start with a simple stretch. Stand on your toes and stretch each muscle in your feet, up your legs, your torso and slowly raise your arms above your head. Reach as high as you can. Relax.

(2) Shoulders And Neck Stretch:  

Shoulders and necks get stiff from sitting down all day. Taking a deep breath, scrunch your shoulders up to your ears. Breathe out as you lower them. Then place your left hand on your head and slowly lower your left ear to your shoulder. Repeat for the other side.

(3) Triceps Stretch:     

Reach your right arm up and bend it behind your back between your shoulder blades, place your left hand on your right elbow and stretch a tiny bit more. Swap arms and repeat.

(4) Side Stretch:   

Stand with your legs apart and raise your arms and hold them together over your head. Slowly lean to your left side, bending at the hips, stretching your side muscles. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat for the other side. You can even do this while on the phone.

(5) Lunges:      

Lunges are a good way to stretch your legs and lower back. Stand with your legs together and hands on hips or by your side. Step forward and bend your knees. Try to hold and go a little lower and then stand. Repeat for the other leg.

(6) Leg Flex:            

Flex your knees by standing behind your chair. Lift and bend one leg behind you and lower again. Repeat for the other leg.

(7) Leg Stretch:          

Sit in your chair, hold on to your seat and lift one leg up 45 degrees so it is straight out in front of you. Flex the foot and lower slowly. Repeat for the other leg. Hold on to your leg if you need to.

(8) Abs Squats:           

Still using your chair, try some ab squats. Sit on the chair and hold the seat. Move your bottom forward until it is off the chair and your legs are bent at 90 degrees. Lower yourself slowly about 3 inches while bending your arms and rise again. Keep your abs and your gluts tight in this one.

(9) Kneeling Stretch:           

For those with plenty of room and no inhibitions, get down on the floor. On all fours, raise one leg and the opposite arm and stretch out as far as you can without falling over. Swap sides.

 (10) Some More Tips:             

Several tips in one that are simple and unobtrusive – no one needs to know you are doing them:

  • Get off the bus/train/car a stop before your usual one and walk further
  • Squeeze those gluts and tighten your buns when standing or walking
  • Use the stairs not the lift (OK if on 34th floor, try 4-5 flights)
  • Take a walk at lunch or your coffee break or even hold a walking meeting
  • Don’t send an email, go and talk to someone on another floor.

Do You Engage Yourself In Some Form Of Office Exercises To Keep Fit?      

While in office it is difficult to have some exercises to keep fit and healthy. We have discussed some office exercises tips to help you get yourselves on toes. How did you find them? Do share your views by putting your comments.

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    It truly is unhealthy to ignore the build up of excess body fat and you clearly hit home with some of the points that you address.

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    You are right. People who have a continuous sitting jobs need to have some form of physical exercises in order to keep themselves fit and healthy.

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