How To Stay Healthy And Fit In College

So you’re about to enter college, or maybe you’ve just finished your first semester. If you’re anything like the vast majority of university students, you’ve placed health and balance at a lower priority level. Indeed, health and fitness are two things that often go to die at a university setting.



However, before you nosedive into a life of eating late night pizza, staying up late partying or cramming, be aware of the fact that it can take a definite toll on your success as a student, and it will make the transition after college much more difficult. Here are a few health pitfalls to avoid while navigating your college years:

(1) Look For Healthy Food Options:   

Avoid the “Freshman 15” by cooking yourself and scoping out healthy options at the cafeteria.

Sure, it’s a lot easier to grab a burger at the student cafeteria, or toss a package of Ramen noodles into the microwave. But it takes only a few extra minutes to assemble a nutritious salad from your school’s dining options, or make some quick, healthy meals in your dorm’s kitchen.

(2) Invest In A Bicycle:   

Being the super busy college student that you are, you probably don’t have time for putting regular hours at the gym. When I was in school, I realized quickly that in order to stay on top of my studies, to feel good about myself, I needed to get some exercise in. And so I bought a bicycle. It helped me get to and from my dorm (later apartment) and school much quicker, and it got my heart pumping and helped me stay in shape. If you don’t have or make the time for exercise, try to get some exercise as you go about your daily routine. Joining a casual college sports team is also a good option.

(3) Make Sleep A Priority:   

Seriously. Think twice before cramming constantly for tests. While inevitably you’ll have to put in one or two all-nighters, save your energy for those, and get at least seven or eight hours of sleep regularly, especially before midterms and finals when you really have no excuse for prioritizing your sleep schedule. It makes a huge difference. Trust me.

(4) Manage The Stress:  

Take advantage of stress management options offered at your school.

Universities know that students tend to put their health on the backburner, and that’s why they offer several programs to help you as much as possible, and most of these programs are free. When I was in school, I took advantage of the health center’s yoga classes. Yoga helped me relax and maintain my focus when things got tough.

The one thing to keep in mind as a college student is that no one is going to be looking out for health except for you. If you realize this early on in your college career, make the right choices, and prioritize, your time spent in school will be an enjoyable and rewarding one. Just remember—you can’t succeed in anything if you don’t maintain your health.

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How do you keep yourself healthy and fit while in college. We have given you some great health tips above for you to practice and be healthy. By the way would you like to share some of your ideas and tips to remain healthy and fit in college? Please share your knowledge by putting your comments below.

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