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To have healthy hair is everyone’s dream, whether man or women.  To get healthy hair is not that difficult as one thinks, you just have to get certain basic things right and you are through to have that healthy mane to flaunt. To have healthy hair ensure that you have proper nourishment and you must stay healthy and have a balanced diet, lead an active and stress free life style and get proper sleep. Just take care of these basic things and you will see the difference in your hair getting healthy day by day.



Follow These Basic Tips To Get Healthy Hair:    

  • Oil Massage:   

A good oil massage is as essential to your hair as food to your body. It helps to stimulate blood circulation in the follicles and also softens hair texture. Massage oil into your scalp using your finger tips in rotary movements.

If you are suffering from dandruff and have oily hair, massage with olive oil. It will help restore the normal acid alkaline balance of the scalp.

If your hair has turned brown due to excessive exposure to sun, massage using castor oil, because castor oil is believed to have darkening properties. The point to be noted here is that it does not turn white hair black, but it restores darkness of hair turned brown due to excessive exposure to sun or due to protein deficiency.

To promote your hair growth and to improve the texture of your hair, massage with pure coconut oil.

To overcome the issue of dry hair, massage regularly with almond oil. Almond oil has the properties to nourish dry hair.

  • Tips For Treating Hair Split Ends:     

Split ends are one of the common problems that you often face. Cut off the split ends. Apply heated pure coconut oil or almond oil on the scalp and hair twice a week. Take a clean towel and dip it in hot water, squeeze out the water and wrap it around the head, leave it for five minutes. Repeat this for four to five times. This will help your scalp to absorb oil better. Leave the oil overnight and wash your hair the next morning.

  • Tips For Treating Dry Hair And Dandruff:    

To get rid of dandruff and treat your dry hair follow this simple home remedy – Take one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and 10 – 15 g of amla. Mix them and grind coarsely. Add 100 g sesame seed oil or pure coconut oil to the mixture. Store the mixture in an air tight container and keep it in the sun for a fortnight. Keep shaking the container to stir the ingredients. After the fortnight, strain the oil using a clean muslin cloth. Massage your scalp with the oil and get healthy and dandruff free hair.

  • Tips For Treating Oily Hair And Dandruff:   

Make a mixture of olive oil, sesame seed oil and pure coconut oil and heat it. Apply on the scalp with cotton wool at night. Dislodge the dandruff flakes by rubbing gently and leave it over night. The next morning apply lemon juice on the scalp and leave it for half an hour. After half an hour wash it thoroughly with water.

  • Tips To Treat Brittle And Dry Hair:    

To get rid of brittle and dry hair take one table spoon of sesame seed oil, two table spoons of honey and one egg yolk. Mix these together and apply on the scalp and hair. Wash your hair after half an hour.

How Did You Find The Above Tips To Get Healthy Hair?    

Hope the tips I shared above would be useful for you in your endeavour to get healthy hair. How did you find them do let us now by putting your comments below. Also share other useful tips that you feel would be useful to get healthy and strong hair.

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  1. Very usefull post , thx

  2. Antionette Dibona says:

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    PS:Have you thought about putting video to your web site to keep the people more interested?I think it works.Best regards, Antionette Dibona

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    I’m liking your website, I think it’s well worth a bookmark!

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  5. Main to protect hair from hair fall have to avoid dandruff because its main and most common reason for hair fall.As above said oil massage and that too hot oil massage cures hair best for all hair related treatments

    • RJS KOCHHAR says:

      Dandruff is one of the causes for hair fall and if one faces the problem it is better to get proper medical attention immediately so as to avoid other health issues associated with it. Hot oil message is also good for scalp.

  6. Tom says:

    Wow, great article. This is very helpful since as human beings we do consider our hair as our crowning glory, so it is really important to take good care of our hair.

  7. maqsood says:

    Hi,iam 20,i fedup with my hair.iam having some white hairs since 7 years.when i comb hairs,the white hairs turn in standing position and becomes curly,so please give me a sugession to improve it.

    • RJS KOCHHAR says:

      Premature greying of hair could be because of number of reasons. Its better if you consult a specialist who may ask for some tests to diagnose the actual problem to treat it in the right way.

  8. Using too much of hair styling products will harm your healthy hair. Keep away from using hair styling products that include alcohol. Also, hair products with harmful chemicals should be avoided. It will really helpful for natural hair growth.

  9. Nice info raviji. Will try them out to make my long hair exist d same way…..:)
    Surya Tejaswini´s last post…..24 Natural remedies for head acheMy Profile

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