Tips For Better Sleep

Ever feel groggy at work?  Do you hit a wall at 11AM and wish you could take a nap on your desk?  Many people think this is because they’re waking up too early, but in actuality it is the quality of their slumber, or lack thereof, that is truly holding them down.



The relative quality of a night’s rest is determined by the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase.  This is the deepest phase of sleep where all the most vital sleep functions of repairing the daily strain put on your brain occur.  Unfortunately, REM only accounts for about 20% of a night’s sleep, and the rest of the time is spent in sleep cycles working up to that phase.  Thus, if your mind and body is in a state of anxiety or discomfort, you will have a much more difficult time falling into that REM phase that every person needs to function.

While everyone has nights where they have trouble sleeping, there are a few tips for better sleep a person can use to increase the sleep quality and become bright and chipper morning person we all wish we could be and this is possible if we wake up fresh and energetic.  Quality sleep is essential for maintaining the overall health of your body, so make certain you’re doing all you can to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Top Three Tips For Better Sleep: 

(1) Use Meditation Principles – 

Many people are turned off by the concept of meditation, perhaps thinking it requires a Beatles-esque transformation to an ethereal and hippie lifestyle.  Luckily, this is not true.  Meditation can be done without any religious connotations or changes in global outlook.  It’s just a perfect way to relax your brain after a stressful day.

You know those nights when you’re lying awake in bed thinking about unpaid bills or a mounting to-do list?  Meditation principles can help your brain quickly convert into ready for sleep mode.  All you have to do is focus your brain entirely on your breathing.  Try to think about every aspect of your breathing- the way it feels, sounds, tastes, etc.  Any time you catch your mind shifting its focus back onto stressful things, revert your concentration back to your breathing.  After a short amount of time, your brain will move past your anxieties and be ready for a restful night of deep sleep.

(2) Use The Right Pillow –

Let’s face it- we all have different body types.  The standard-issue pillow that may be perfect for one sleeper might cause major neck pain for another.  This lack of comfort significantly decreases the amount of restful sleep one gets and leads to many nights of tossing and turning. Therefore make sure you use the right pillow.

(3) Align The Spine – 

Despite what you may think, sleeping can actually put some strain on your back.  If you’re sleeping in a position that puts stress on your spine, it may interrupt your sleep or make you very sore the next day.

Sleeping face-up is the best position for your back.  If you prefer to sleep on your side, stick a pillow in between your knees to ease the strain on the spine.  If you’re a belly sleeper, try not to rest on your chin, as keeping you head propped up can really put some tension on your spine.  Be kind to your back, and your back will be kind to you.

What Are Your Sleeping Tips For Better Sleep?    

Everyone has their own favorite way to fall asleep.  Did we leave out your tried-and-true slumber method?  Leave a comment below and tell us how you guarantee a good night’s sleep!

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