Theta Brainwaves: What Are The Benefits?

Scientists are consistently trying to find out more about the brain and the discovery of theta brainwaves has been ground breaking in this regard. Theta brainwaves are considered to be extremely relaxing. These brainwaves are usually associated with the REM cycle of sleep and the dream states. These brain waves have very high amplitude and these range between 4-8 hertz. They are generated in the right hemisphere of your brain. These waves are created by the brain only when you are relaxed or emotionally high. These are also created when you are unfocused or are day dreaming. These brainwaves are most dominant in those suffering from ADD. Since these brainwaves characterize creativity, relaxation and emotion, these are considered excellent for those who need relaxation and calming.
There are a lot of different advantages of cultivating increased theta brainwaves.



Here are some of the benefits of theta brainwaves:

Increased Relaxation: 

It is very uncommon to have theta brainwaves when a person is not sleeping, relaxed or suffering from ADD. However, there are some advanced meditation techniques which can help you increase your theta brainwaves so that you can be a little more relaxed. When you increase your theta brainwaves, you are more emotionally carefree and feel connected with others around you.

Increased Emotional Connections:   

The range of theta brainwaves is usually associated with a lot of severe and strong emotions. When your theta brainwaves are increased, the intensity of your own emotions increases, therefore allowing you to connect with others in a more fundamentally emotional level.

Increased Intuition:

A very powerful intuition can help you increase your ability to make decisions. When you have higher theta brainwaves, you are able to increase your intuition and your sixth sense. Increased theta brainwaves will allow you to recognize your gut feelings and make decision making much quicker and easier.

Powerful Connect With Subconscious:  

Your alpha brainwaves are great for bridging the gap between your conscious and subconscious mind. However, your theta brainwaves allow you to tap completely into your subconscious, therefore improving the power of your mind. When you have been experiencing too much of beta waves, your brain may begin to feel overworked. Using the theta brainwaves can really help you relax and connect with the subconscious mind.

Improve Creativity:   

Theta brainwaves help bring you into a restful state. This state is optimal for nurturing creativity. There are a lot of talented people such as actors, musicians and artists who improve their creativity by increasing their theta brainwaves. There are some programmers who have designed softwares which can help you improve theta brainwaves for this purpose.

Improved Problem Solving Skills:    

Beta brainwaves have a way of working you up and tensing the brain. When you are experiencing too much of beta brainwaves, you are not able to get past your mental blocks. Increased theta brainwaves enhance your intuition and you are able to perceive more aspects to your problems than you saw before.

Bridges An Important Spiritual Connection:    

Theta brainwaves, as discussed before, can enhance your intuition and can also help you bridge the gap between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Theta brainwaves have often been associated with a deeper spiritual connection and profound insight as well as increased spiritual awareness.

Programming Of The Subconscious Mind:     

Usually you are not able to tap into your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is home to a lot of your feelings, emotions and information. Increased theta brainwaves can help you get an improved hold on your subconscious mind. When you have a lot of theta brainwaves, you are able to reach out to your subconscious mind and improve the overall functioning of your mind.

Extra Sensory Perceptions:   

When you are intuitive and open to new experiences, you become especially open to all kinds of psychic experiences. Your extra sensory perceptions increase and you are able to be a little more sensitive to your surroundings. You are also able to tap into the other brainwaves and improve your range of functioning. You can also make a connection with the divine and the higher spirits.

Increased learning Ability:    

The mind power is limitless and when you make your subconscious mind programmable, you also increase the power and ability of your mind. An increased power of mind means enhanced learning abilities. It also means that your brain is programmed to understand higher frequencies. In fact, with regular practice, you will also be able to increase your learning abilities by 300%. You will also see a sharp increase in your memory and retention powers.

Immunity Boost:   

While this may seem highly unlikely, increased theta brainwaves also help you improve your physical as well as emotional immunity. Since stress and anxiety releases a lot of toxic chemicals in your physical system, relaxation prevents such a toxic dump. Increased theta brain waves can bring physical and emotional vitality while decreasing the release of epinephrine and cortisol, both of which cause toxic increase. Theta brainwaves increase the release of healthy neurotransmitters which improve immunity.

Increased Concentration And Focus:

Increased theta brainwaves relax your mind and increase your ability to focus on what is important. As you release your stress, you will see that you have a much increased focus and are able to improve your performance much more on all levels. This is often also known as hyper-focus which is a learned ability, cultivated over a period of time.

Improved Healing Abilities:

Our body has self healing properties, which are usually triggered off when you are in a completely relaxed state. The sodium and potassium ion ratio in your brain is important to replenish and rejuvenate your body as well as mind. Theta brainwaves can improve your overall potassium to sodium ratio, therefore promoting relaxation and restoring your mental peace. Your healing abilities kick in when you experience a deep level of relaxation. When you have had an intense physical or a mental workout, theta brainwaves can work well for relaxing both your body and your mind.

What Are Your Views?

Have you experienced the benefits of theta brainwaves? What are your views on the subject, please put your comments.

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