The Success Mantra – Stay Healthy And Active

Every one wants to know what is the secret of becoming successful in life? The answer lies in the most common phrase which you have been reading since your childhood in your school books. It states “Health is wealth”. Do you think enjoying good health with a lazy and sluggish attitude is your real wealth? Of course not, but enjoying good health with active attitude is the success mantra that makes you lead a successful life.



Staying healthy and active both mentally and physically strengthens your immune system and prevents you from various health ailments. It increases your age and releases you from the tension of putting up extra fats on your body. To be active is important for healthy growth and development of body which actually makes you able to do anything. Health and activeness increases your energy level and tolerance level. Your all activities of life are affected if you are not healthy and fit. You cannot study well, manage your house work properly, run a successful business, enjoy hanging out with your friends, give time to your family etc. Nothing seems good to you when you are not enjoying good health and activeness.

The criterion of a successful life is good relationships, good job, good pace of progress and mental satisfaction. You can not strive for all these things if you are not healthy and active. Even you see a lot of established businessmen like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc, do you think they could achieve such an outstanding success with bad health and laziness? They are reaping the benefits of what they have actually given to their businesses. And these inputs are time, energy, hard work and firm belief in inner capabilities.  This hard work, time and effort would have been useless without mental and physical fitness.

What Can You Do To Lead A Successful Life?

In order to lead a successful life, you should give extra attention towards your health and activeness.

Let’s Check Out The Following:    

  • Have Balanced Diet:  

First of all, take proper balanced diet. Neither eat too much nor too low. Drink sufficient water as the major composition of your body needs water. Avoid junk food and try to add fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Don’t take fatty meals as they increase your cholesterol level and results in obesity. Your diet plays a key role in your health so always take proper meals at proper time that are rich in nutrition.

  • Take Regular Exercises:

Secondly, to keep your body fit and active, take regular exercise and try to play sports regularly. The biggest advantage of it is that it prevents you from gaining excess weight and increases the strength of your body. All the systems of your body function properly if you take exercise daily and make it your habit. It releases you from various fatal diseases like high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes etc. It increases your ability to exert high level of effort in whatever work you intend to do.

  • Have Proper sleep:  

Lastly, proper sleeping is very much vital for a healthy lifestyle. Proper sleep is of 8 hours. Try to sleep on time and give proper rest to your body to make it ready for the work load of next day. Sleeping early and getting up early is the best thing you can do in this regard. What a true saying “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Apart from all this staying happy, thinking positively, avoiding tension and preventing feelings of envy and jealously are the other secrets that give you inner satisfaction and add to your health and activeness.

What’s Your Secret?     

I will leave you with a question here. Just sit back for a moment and decide whether you consider your self healthy and active enough to lead a successful life or not? If yes then what’s your secret of staying healthy and active?

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