The Difference Between HIV And AIDS

What is the difference between HIV and AIDS? HIV is probably the worst thing that humankind has to deal with. Medical science is getting more powerful every day, but it still cannot find the cure. This virus takes millions of lives every year, but the saddest thing is that many people still do not know enough about HIV and AIDS. Many of us believe that these two are the same thing. However, there is the difference between HIV and AIDS and we will try explaining it.



What Is HIV?  

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that leads to AIDS. It affects humans leading to immune system problems. The immune system is crucial for normal functioning of the body. Thanks to the strong immune system, the body is capable of defending itself from many infections and diseases.

Once the immune system is weakened, the body gets incapable of fighting any threat. HIV attacks the T-cells that have an important role in protecting the body. During the first six months, HIV symptoms can occur, but some people do not experience any of the symptoms. If they occur, HIV symptoms are similar to flu symptoms, so they are often ignored. This can be very dangerous because if you don’t know you are infected, you can easily infect other people. It is very important to know more about these symptoms. If diagnosed early, HIV can be successfully treated. As we said, there are no medications that can make the virus go away, but there are certain medications that can prevent it from getting worse. These are called antiretroviral medications and they are used worldwide. Antiretroviral medications are very helpful in preventing mother-to-child transmission. These medications can improve the lives of HIV positive people.

If not detected in time, HIV can take over the body completely, and destroy its immune system. This phase is also known as AIDS. Let us find out more about this syndrome.

What Is AIDS?   

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome can be described as a group of diseases attacking the body due to immune system failure. In other words, this is not just one, single disease. This is a group of diseases attacking the body. HIV destroys the immune system, so after some time, the body will not be able to defend itself from any infection. People with weak immune system are prone to any type of infection. HIV makes the immune system so weak, that even pneumonia can be fatal if it occurs in HIV positive individuals.

Other infections are possible during this phase. These infections are known as “opportunistic infections” and they include fungal infections, pneumonia, herpes, and others.

People who are just HIV positive do not necessarily have the symptoms or the symptoms are overlooked since they are similar to flu symptoms. If HIV is detected in time, it can be treated and this treatment can help HIV positive individuals live much longer. In fact, these people can live with HIV for decades, without developing AIDS.

AIDS is the phase when the body is too weak to fight any infection. This is caused by the immune system failure and it can lead to death.

Precaution And Prevention:   

The purpose of this article is to inform you about this dangerous virus. Education is crucial in HIV prevention. HIV positive individuals must know how to treat this infection. Since Aids is a deadly disease, taking precautionary and preventive measures to control the disease is very necessary. Do you want to list any for the benefit of the readers? We would like to hear what you have to say, so please share your experience.

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