What Are The Benefits of Regular Exercise?

You have known the benefits of regular exercise and have decided to get fit by starting a regular exercise regime that not only makes you feel better, but helps you lose all that weight you have been promising to get off for ages and never quite got round to, at last you have realized the benefits of regular exercise.  If you’re anything like me, however, it all works better if you know what you are doing. The basics of a proper daily  fitness regime involve increasing your flexibility, prolonging your endurance and increasing the amount of oxygen your body burns up, more commonly known as aerobic fitness.

Benefits Of Regular Exercise

Benefits Of Regular Exercise

To increase your endurance you need to increase the strength of your muscles. This does not necessarily mean building up huge he-man muscles, but developing a lean muscle tone. Again, however, how do you know what you are doing is right? Do you need to consult a doctor before you start? In fact, where do you start? A good place might be to tune into the ‘Healthy Living channel’. Here you will find a wealth of information on how to decide on the most appropriate health and fitness regime for you, how much to exercise, how long and even when.

What Are The Benefits Of Regular Exercise?

An unhealthy lifestyle is known to contribute to as much as a 50% increase in high blood pressure. There is also a much higher risk of heart disease and other illnesses associated with poor venous return if you lead a more sedentary lifestyle. Clinical trials have now established that these problems can be minimized  regardless of whether you lose weight or not, if you increase your levels of exercise. While it is quite true that you can be prescribed medication to reduce your blood pressure or to protect you against the chance of developing heart problems, it is clearly a much better option to increase your levels of exercise – certainly increasing your sense of well-being and reap the proper benefits of regular exercise.

Aerobics Exercises Are Good For Health:

Aerobic exercise is the best kind of exercise for protecting your heart and lowering your blood pressure and this has been proven time after time in innumerable clinical trials. Aerobic exercise involves activities such cycling or swimming, gardening, or walking the dogs, jogging or running. It is sustained exercise that is designed to make your heart pump harder to ensure you have sufficient oxygen travelling around your body so you are able to carry out those activities. This, in turn, makes your heart stronger. Clinical studies have now shown that, regardless of weight, a person who takes regular aerobic exercise will have a lower resting blood pressure than those who do not exercise.

Do Exercises That You Enjoy Doing:

You are not going to be expected to exercise hell-for-leather and exhaust yourself in a gym taking part in the latest spinning crazes. Clinical studies have revealed that all kinds of exercises will adequately reduce your blood pressure and, if you do have high blood pressure, you will get more benefit from sustained and gentle daily fitness regime such as walking the dog every day, than if you didn’t bother. One of the commonest fallacies, when you mention the benefits of weightlifting to people, is the misconception that they will develop huge muscles and, if you become involved in aerobic exercises, any benefits you obtain from weightlifting will be wasted due to the effect of aerobic exercises on reducing muscle.

Your Views Please!!     

Do you feel that regular exercises does help you to lead a healthy and fit life?  If yes then please share some of the benefits of regular exercise that you have experienced.

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  1. Turbo Fire says:

    Excellent article with lots of useful info. My fitness program consists mainly of high intense interval training. I discover that I am most productive I exercise within the morning.

  2. women health says:

    Excellent article with lots of useful info. My fitness program consists mainly of high intense interval training. I discover that I am most productive I exercise within the morning.

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