The Benefits Of Dental Implant Retained Dentures

Dental implant retained dentures are dentures which are attached to dental implants and provide improved functionality when compared to conventional dentures. Implant retained dentures are extremely stable, giving the wearer the feeling very similar to natural teeth and eradicating concerns of the prosthesis becoming loose and slipping out of place.



Drawbacks Of Conventional Dentures:   

  • Conventional dentures stay in place by suction created between the denture and the palate and gums and are prone to becoming loose.
  • According to research, less than a fifth of conventional denture wearers have experienced effective chewing capabilities when compared with the efficiency of natural teeth.
  • The use of conventional dentures contributes to jawbone shrinkage and after 5 to 10 years the patient will need to be fitted with a new denture. To be fitted with a replacement denture the patient may also have to undergo a jaw bone realignment procedure ensuring a close fit to the gums. The diminishing jaw bone also affects the overall facial structure making the person appear prematurely aged.
  • The conventional denture is made to fit tightly between the denture base and gum tissue. These three are held together through muscle control and suction. The lower denture is harder for a patient to get used to, as it has a smaller area of a stable tissue to adhere to. The success of the lower denture depends on how the wearer positions their tongue. Some denture wearers lack the necessary coordination of the tongue to hold the denture firmly in place.
  • Some patients who have lower dentures fitted will have an insufficient jawbone structure to adequately support the denture. Such individuals are not able to fully benefit from dentures and also would not be able to adequately chew food. Before implant retained dentures became common the only way to hold a denture in place was with a denture adhesive.

Benefits Of Dental Implant Retained Dentures:  

  • Implants help improve the retention and stability of the lower denture and also help increase the chewing efficiency.
  • Even two dental implants are often sufficient to retain a complete lower denture.
  • The stability of dental implant retained dentures help the wearer to feel more confident when interacting with other people because the dentures will not slip.
  • They enable the wearer to eat without fear, and research indicates that most individuals who have dental implant retained dentures experience 70% of the chewing capabilities compared with natural healthy teeth.
  • Pressure points or sore spots in the gum do not occur with this type of denture.
    Implants prevent jawbone loss which occurs after toothless, allowing the facial structure to be maintained.

Advantages Of Dental Implant Outweigh Their Cost:  

Although dental implants are expensive, their popularity is growing largely due to the benefits they provide such as functionality, aesthetic appearance and the prevention absorption of the jawbone. No replacement tooth can fully provide the experience of a natural tooth, but dental implants and dental implant retained dentures are a significant improvement when compared to conventional dentures.

Do You Use Dentures?  

If the answer to the above question is yes, which type of dentures do you use and what are the advantages or disadvantages you experience using them. Do share your opinion with us.

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2 comments on “The Benefits Of Dental Implant Retained Dentures
  1. Sarah says:

    ive just had these retained dentures put in they are amazing as you say no more embaressing monmets of dentures coming loose

    although there not cheap there well worth the money
    Sarah´s last post…..Clear AcneMy Profile

  2. Dental implants are really very in nowadays to have that perfect smile. Thanks for sharing this and glad to have stumbled this article via Google.

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