The Benefits Of Clinical Pilates

In these modern days we spend more and more time sitting, either we are sitting in front of our computers at home or in office, or we just travel to work. We are getting less active so our muscles, spine and body suffer various injuries. Maybe it is time to help our body and with that we will feel better and healthier.

Benefits Of Clinical Pilates

Benefits Of Clinical Pilates

There are various classes and clubs that you can attend to tone your body and get it back to shape. These classes include martial art classes, yoga lessons, dance and box-exercise. While these exercises are ideal and effective, it would be good if you adopted a single exercise routine that would help you achieve your goal fast and easily. Clinical Pilates is such an exercise routine. Leaf through the following write-up and learn more about clinical Pilates.

Principles Involved In Clinical Pilates:

To get maximum effect out of Clinical Pilates, certain principles should be considered in performing the exercises. Concentration is important. Focus on each Pilates exercise and the specific part of the body involved. To ensure correct performance of each exercise, attention and precision should be observed at all times. And lastly, breathing. It is important to maintain a calm and normal breathing during the session.

What Is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is a type of physical exercise that puts emphasis on proper body posture, the stability of core and torso, body balance, flexibility, control and body strength. It was developed in the 20th Century by a German known as Joseph Pilates. Today, this method of body fitness is often used alongside physiotherapy to treat various conditions especially neck and back injuries.

Clinical Pilates Help In Healing Injuries:

Clinical Pilates is based on a theory that demonstrates firm evidence to explain the use of therapeutic exercise to help patients recover from injuries. When a patient is suffering from low back pain for example, clinical Pilates will help the body to retain the deep stabilizing muscles and go a step further to promote flexibility, posture and strength thus alienate the ache.

Though this type of physical exercise can be incredibly beneficial to patients suffering from injuries, it is important to note that the exercise is usually administered to a specific individual. Simply put, clinical Pilates is not a generic tool for everyone who has an injury. It uses carefully selected exercises to identify the primary problem and heal the pain.

This ensures that the patient derives maximum benefits whilst reducing the chances of aggravating the injury. Therefore, if you would like to commence Pilates to alleviate your injury, you should start by visiting a physiotherapist who will assess the suitability of the program for your situation.

Principles Of Clinical Pilates:

To derive maximum benefits from this routine, you need to apply the following 6 principles when exercising.

  1. Concentration: Concentrate in performing the Pilate exercises correctly.
  2. Centering: Concentrate on activating and retaining the core stabilizing muscles.
  3. Control: Maintain proper body posture and control especially when you’re switching from one pose to the next.
  4. Flowing Movement: Maintain a smooth flow as your work through the movements.
  5. Precision: Each Pilate exercise should be performed with an attentive mind to ensure that the technique is done correctly.
  6. Breathing: Try to maintain normal, relaxed breathing during the routine. Don’t hold your breath.

Benefits Of Clinical Pilates:

Besides helping patients recover from injuries, the gentle stretches in clinical Pilates are highly beneficial. The many exercise in this routine involve stretching and relaxing the spine thus gradually opening out the vertebrae column. This leads to improved body posture as well as core stability. Other benefits include;

  • Enhanced control in breathing.
  • Overall body fitness
  • Increased strength and flexibility
  • Improved co-ordination and control of the muscles
  • Development of firm and flat stomach muscles.

The information extolled above depicts the importance of clinical Pilates. It is not too late to choose the right path towards a healthy lifestyle. If you want to tone and get your body back to shape, follow the Pilate routine and you will be amazed at the results. Thank you.

Your Experience And Opinion:

If you are physiotherapist or you had experience with clinical Pilates feel free to write your experiences with clinical Pilates and physiotherapy in the comments below.

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