The Bad Effects Of Smoking

We’ve all heard about how bad effects of smoking – about how it can cause cancer and lung disease and a myriad of other nasty health problems.  But, how?  There’s no question that we should steer clear of “cancer sticks” but what many people don’t understand is the multitude of seemingly unrelated ways in which smoking takes its toll on the body.  What is it about cigarettes that are so bad for us, and in how many ways does harmful effects of smoking make its mark?

Bad Effects Of Smoking

Bad Effects Of Smoking

It can’t be THAT bad . . . can it?  Sure it can.

Here’s why:

High Risk Of Cancer:    

Do you like your mouth?  Want to be able to use it?  Tobacco products are responsible for up to eighty percent of all mouth cancer cases, as well as tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.  Chew on that the next time you’re ready to light up.

There’s no question that smoking affects the lungs.  Lung inflammation caused by cigarette smoke inflames the bronchi, causing a nasty smoker’s cough and leading to bronchial infections and lung cancer.

Smoking Affects Your Heart:     

Most people don’t think of the heart when they think of smoking.  Nicotine actually raises blood pressure and makes blood clot more easily.  Carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke depletes the blood’s oxygen level and leads to increased cholesterol build-up in the arteries.  Can you say poor circulation?  How about heart attack?

Smoking Can Lead To Impotence And Ulcers:     

For the men: Blood circulation problems caused by smoking can lead to impotence, perhaps one of the worst effects of smoking for men.

Smoking affects your entire digestive system.  Tars in cigarette smoke can damage the throat and esophagus, and smoking causes increased acid secretion, leading to ulcers and heartburn.

Because many of the waste products associated with cigarette smoke are excreted in the urine, they build up in the bladder first, increasing the probability of bladder cancer.   Sadly, bladder cancer is most often fatal.

Risk Of High Blood Pressure And Kidney Damage:      

High blood pressure caused by smoking strains and damages the kidneys. Sometimes it’s not enough to know that smoking can kill you.  It’s just as important to understand that, even if you don’t die from smoking, your quality of life will suffer greatly because of your smoking habit.  Just look at it this way: you may live to be the ripe old age of ninety-seven as a smoker, but do you really want to spend half of those ninety-seven years wheezing and carrying an oxygen tank?  The good news is that your body begins to repair itself as soon as you quit smoking.  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve smoked.  It’s never too late to quit.

Are You A Smoker? Have You Tried To Quit Smoking?   

If you are a smoker, and aware of all the bad effects of smoking you must have tried to quit smoking seeing the several health hazards it has. How have you succeeded in quitting the habit of smoking? Do share your experiences with us.

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  1. How to Lose Weight Fast says:

    Smoking is injurious for health. This is the fact a=but After knowing also I don’t understand why they can’t stop smoking. From my side whenever I find people smoking in public place I used to tell them not to smoke as it is bad for the person who is standing infornt of smoker.

  2. Great! To the people behind this post, thanks a lot for sharing this post. I really appreciate the effort of making this kind of post.

  3. Emma Brown says:

    It is essential for smokers to realize that how smoking is bad for health and accordingly take proper or correct steps to quit smoking and start living.
    Emma Brown´s last post…..Self Care, Is Best Care During Holiday SeasonMy Profile

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