How Tango Dancing Keeps You Healthy And Fit

‘Dancing with the stars’ had started promoting more than just what the commercials had, it has been promoting good health! The British reality show has been seen as a turning point in our nation for social dancing, and the biggest rise has been in the Argentine Tango communities. Now, every medical professional and medical news provider has been telling us to get at least twenty minutes of walking a day, and that simply walking up a flight of stairs daily shows for a longer life, but wouldn’t it be nice to accomplish these same effects doing something that isn’t as boring as day to day exercise drudgery? Tango Dancing is a fun and cheap solution for making sure we get the much needed exercise.



Tango dancing is said to burn 180-480 calories an hour- the exact same as an equivalent amount of time on a treadmill. The range comes from people’s own level of participating in the dace in a physical way- but you will find it is never lower then a brisk walking pace. Tango’s only real enemy in terms of other dances in burning calories is Salsa- a dance that much more promises the desired 400 calories an hour. On top of that, dance requires excellent posture and helps your bones ready to embrace impact- something many office workers don’t regularly get from their day to day routine. The natural action of getting your blood pumping in the dance helps your heart stay strengthened, showing significant decrease in heart diseases.

It also helps your mind work better! Doctors and medical professionals have found that social dancing, Tango specifically, is the most effective means of preventing certain levels of dementia, and diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. These studies have found dancing to be more brain intensive then even playing musical instruments, and are often recommended as a form of physical therapy for people suffering from these symptoms.

Tango Dancing is a social activity that introduces you to a large range of people and help raise social well being. It has a deep rooted community in most major cities, and the emotional connections you gain there are unlike most social connections that can be gathered. I would recommend it to anyone recently divorced or going through a period of depression, there seems to be something uplifting about it, and a lot of the people who dive deeply into Tango often come after a bad relationship or depression, making for a community that is very useful  in understanding these struggles in life.

Did You Know This? 

Did you really know this that dancing is not only fun but it also contributes to help you stay healthy and fit? What do you feel about the health benefits of Tango dance? Do you engage in any form of dancing to keep yourself healthy and fit? Do share your thoughts with us on the subject and put your comments.

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