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How To Prevent Premature Hair Loss


Both men and women lose hair with age. If baldness in men is not a genetic trait in the family, then there in no need to be concerned. Similarly when women experience premature hair loss, it is important to do

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Tips To Boost Hair Growth


The question is how to boost hair growth? Hair fall, thinning hair, balding scalp are universal problems and have been so for ages.  The problem needs to be addressed positively and seriously or else the “hair” today gone tomorrow episode

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Hair Loss Due To Anaemia


Anaemia can be one of the causes for hair loss. Anaemia is a condition where less than normal amount of haemoglobin is produced in the body or too few red blood cells are produced. Haemoglobin is a substance in red

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Hair Transplant – Healthy Hair on Your Crown

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant comes as one of the option for people fed up with their hair loss problem and are looking for a solution to it. Hair Loss is a growing concern among new age people all over the world. More than

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How To Prevent Hair Loss And Have Healthy Hair Growth

Healthy Hair Growth

Regular hair care is very essential to prevent hair loss and to have a good and healthy hair growth. Healthy hair growth – yes who doesn’t want to have healthy hair! A person having healthy hair not only enhances his

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