Swine Flu Symptoms And Prevention

Swine flu has been spreading like a wildfire and taking one country after another into its grip and has become a major threat for one’s health in general. It is important to know what are swine flu symptoms to initiate the medical care in time so as to control the disease in the nascent stages. The deadly H1 N1 virus spread through air via cough and sneeze by infected person. Antiviral vaccines by the name of Tamiflu or Relenza are being used to treat the disease.

Swine Flu Symptoms

Symptoms Of Swine Flu

As it’s very rightly said that prevention is better than cure, it’s always better to take precautionary measures to keep away the dreaded disease so that our health is not affected and we are not down with swine flu. Though swine flu started from Mexico, unfortunately it has griped United States and many other countries in the world because of which an international alarm has been sounded.

In order to avoid contracting the deadly H1N1 virus mind the following to safeguard your health –

( 1 ) Know The Symptoms Of  Swine Flu:

If you are well aware of the symptoms of the disease it will help you prevent contracting it well in advance. If you notice that you are coughing and sneezing more often than normal than its always better to consultant your physician at the earliest to rule out the possibility of the disease, though there are vaccines available by the name of Tamiflu or Relenza. The main and important symptoms to be watched for are – High fever, coughing and sneezing more often, sore throat, body ache, vomiting, diarrhea, feeling cold.

( 2 ) How Does The Virus Spread:

Through sneezing and coughing and also by touch and it is known to travel at very high speeds in air, therefore it is always advised to keep your face covered with a mask and try to avoid crowded places such as movie halls, gyms, public gatherings, parks shopping stores etc. The virus is also known to be alive on the articles used by an infected person such as public telephone, computers at cyber cafe, and other public utilities, hence using such public utilities should be avoided as much as possible.

( 3 ) Wash Your Hands Often:

Another most important precaution is to wash your hands as often as possible because as explained earlier the virus may be transmitted by touch also, it may be so that accidentally you come in contact with an infected person and you shake hands with him / her, you never know, so its always better to wash hands vigorously every now and then just to avoid the troublesome situation.

Swine Flu Symptoms

Swine Flu – Precautions

( 4 ) Take Care Of Infections:

Avoid traveling to places of swine flu pandemic by trains and local modes of transport to keep away from the chances of getting infected by the virus.

( 5 ) In Case Of Infection Start The Medication Immediately:

God forbidding, if you happen to be diagnosed for swine flu start the medication immediately without wasting time. Keep yourself indoors and avoid going out in order to avoid infecting others. Use disposable tissues to cover your mouth while coughing and sneezing and dispose the used tissues properly and immediately.

Remember its only a matter of time before everything will be normal again. The world has acted strongly against the pandemic and the international organizations have taken the strongest possible measures to control the pandemic. We at individual level should take all the precautionary measures so that the disease should not affect our health. We should also try to educate people about swine flu symptoms so as to contribute our little bit to the cause of controlling the international pandemic.

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