Causes And Treatment Of Slip Disc

Slip disc is the major cause behind back and neck pain faced by number of young people now a days.  Here I would lay down some basic health-care information for slip disc, so that you can understand the problem better and treat slip disc accordingly.

Though in the past back and neck pains were a common problems, were largely found amongst older age groups, but in the last decade more and more younger people are succumbing to this common problem mainly because of  lack of  proper information on the subject and a proper and regular fitness regime, the other main cause for the problem could be a more casual attitude towards the problem and ignorance about the facts which lead to more severe condition aggravating the problem further.

Let’s understand what does ‘slip disc’ mean? The soft cushion between two adjacent bones of the spine is called a disc. When the disc gets displaced from its original position it’s called a slip disc. This can lead to pain in the legs or sciatica. Slip disc in the neck causes pain in the neck, back and arm.

Reasons For Slip Disc:

The following can be summed up as the main factors leading to the problem of slip disc

Causes And Treatment Of Slip Disc

Causes And Treatment Of Slip Disc

Lack of exercise

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Physical and mental stress
  • Bad posture – The various reasons for bad posture are obesity, smoking, inadequate sleep and deficiency of vitamins and calcium etc.

Therefore if one has to have a proper health and fitness, one has to take into consideration above factors and get himself / herself all the necessary health care and fitness information on the above factors and come up with a daily health and fitness regime.

Treatment Of Slip Disc:

To reduce the problem of slip disc, doctors recommend rest. To get relief from pain, doctors recommend medicines, physical therapies, exercises, and for more severe symptoms even surgery is recommended.

How To Prevent A Slip Disc:

As it’s said that prevention is always better then cure, one should always take precautions so as to avoid the main problem to arise.

Following preventive measures should be taken in order to safeguard yourself from the problem of slip disc.

  • Exercise regularly, make it a habit or consider it as a part of your daily routine to follow a proper health and fitness regime.
  • Manage your stress.
  • Balance your work and recreation.
  • Take sufficient rest.
  • Make a habit of drinking plentiful of water daily.
  • Early diagnostics and prompt treatment.
  • Take proper advice and guidance to plan your workout and diet.
  • Take regular breaks in between continuous work.
  • Periodically recharge yourself by spending quality time with your family, go out for vacations and outings after every few months.


  • Do not neglect early fatigue and back pain.
  • Do not indulge in fast food quite often.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not work on computer continuously, without breaks.
  • Do not use big pillows.
  • Do not use vehicle with bad suspension on bumpy roads.
  • Do not use very soft mattress.
  • Do not neglect to pay attention to your posture while working.

The most important of all …….

Having said above, I want to remind you once again that your health and fitness is precious, therefore develop a positive attitude to remain healthy and fit, and discard the casual and lethargic attitude and make a regular habit of  exercising daily.

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