Skin Allergies And infections In children

Skin allergies and contagion are more common in children. Skin getting exposed to many factors such as sun rays, dust and infectious things all around us. There are so many infectious agents that come in contact with the skin causing infection at times due to spread of germs. Identifying the infection needs more caution and timely medication to hold off the infection from aggravation. Infection varies from one child to another as the skin is tender with less immune power to resist against the infection causing germs.



Skin allergies are not only caused as a result of dust and external infections but also can happen from within. If the child has come across infectivity from within, amid lack of hygiene it shows some of the symptoms on the skin surface. Skin allergies does not have any curb to attack upon, it affects all age groups from born baby to old age people. Kids fall easily to acquire symptoms of skin problemswhen they don’t get along with some of the eatables and to external agents.

Skin Type Matters!!    

Human skin is of different types such as normal, sensitive or combinational skin with dryness and oiliness effects on the skin surface. Children’s tender skin category also comes under the issue of infection. Sensitive skin is highly prone to acquire agents attack than the other type of the skin. Skin problemsmay be caused due to different source, insect bite such as dust mites, cosmetic action due to chemical reaction, bacterial or viral infection, improper hygiene to maintain cleanliness etc…

Dust Allergy The Key Setback:   

Dust allergyis one of the prevalent forms of allergies that cause many major health problems. Dust allergy can lead to shortness of breathing causing difficulty in normal breathing, skin allergies due to bacterial or fungal or viral infection on the skin surface and spread of diseases that are being transmitted through the air. Suffocation from lack of proper oxygen entering the nostrils is one of the major problems that are caused due to dust allergy.

Harmful UV rays affect the skin causing sun burns and darkening of the skin. Insect such as dust mites are one of the common infection causing agents which are smaller in size present in the chairs, tables, bed, mattresses and other places causing infection. Skin allergies causes many symptoms such as redness, swollen skin surface, blisters, welt and hives with irritation and uneasiness in the affected area.

Some of the natural remedies for the skin allergies include washing the infected part with bathing soap or anti-bacterial hand wash is essential. Followed by application of salt, almond leaves, mashed papaya seeds can treat better or Mixture of lime juice with coconut oil also acts as a best quick relief. Keeping up good immune power in one’s body is vital as the low immune power is prone to get more easily affected by the infectious agent.

How Do You Protect Your Children From Skin Allergies?    

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