Self Massage And Its Health Benefits

As old as the practice of massage therapy is, it continually grows as an alternative mainstream remedy. Attributed to alleviating such ailments as poor circulation, arthritis, headaches and stress massage can also support relieving more serious afflictions such as multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome and premature babies. Unfortunately, massage therapy has not been fully embraced by the medical community and therefore it can be costly and uninsurable. If you cannot afford or fit a weekly massage into your life then the next best thing to keep you running is self-massage.



Below are some of the health benefits of self-massage

Wake Up:    

Each morning take three to five minutes (or more) to wake up your muscles before you even set foot out of your bed. This will gently rev up your circulation and inner energy flow starting your day by literally hitting the ground running. Start by sitting up and breathing deeply in your nose and out your mouth. If no one around you minds, as you exhale, let out sound. Grab each foot and begin kneading. Work your way up your legs, to each arm, shoulder, your neck, face and scalp.

Stop Headaches In Their Tracks:  

There is a ridge along the back of your head with key points that when gently pressed can relieve an oncoming headache. It is called the occipital ridge. Start on either side slowly pushing your thumb into the soft spongy spot between your neck and skull bone. As you push in you will feel some slight pressure and hopefully come to a point that resonates directly to where your headache is beginning to throb. When this happens breathe (as instructed above) and move your thumb in counterclockwise circles.

Relieve Constipation Or Sluggish Digestion:   

If your stomach acts up or your GI tract will not cooperate, then self-massaging your abdominal cavity (right below your stomach) can help. Gently push with both hands from right to left, or move in a circle in a clockwise pattern, while concentrating on breathing. You may feel movement and gas bubbles releasing which is a good sign. During this, lying on your left side can also help.

Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder:   

TMJ disorder is a painful jaw affliction that can cause migraines, teeth grinding and severe muscle tightness. Daily self-massage of the jaw, inside and out, can play an important role in relieving TMJ.

Self Massage Relieves Knee Pain:   

Every day the knees take a lot of wear and tear. By massaging your legs and knees throughout the day you can avoid weakness caused by such continued use. Kneading the thigh muscles, calves and hamstrings will keep your upper legs remain open and circulating. Gently pressing points around, under and on the side of your knee will relieve pressure and prevent stuck energy that can cause pain. Four fingers below the knee about one inch to the outside of the shinbone is the three mile point. This spot was manipulated by Chinese soldiers to ease fatigue and enable them to walk three more miles. It can also help you, especially if you struggle with knee weakness.

How About Your Views?  

Hope the above self massage tips bring much needed relief to your condition. If you have to share your experiences or want to add your thoughts, please put your comments below.

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