Scabies Treatment And Symptoms

Scabies is a contagious skin related infection which causes small inflamed bumps and blisters on skin. These blisters and bumps appears when tiny mites burrows into the superficial layer of skin and lay their eggs in it.

The skin becomes wavy, reddish and darkened lines appear when mites burrow in skin. Scabies basically appears around wrist and area between the fingers.

Scabies, being contagious in nature can get easily spread from one person to another either through direct skin-to-skin contact or through sexual involvement with a person already affected with scabies infection. Scabies easily spreads in crowded environment such as child- care centers or nursing homes etc. This ailment is very common and can affect people of all age groups.

Symptoms Of Scabies:   

One of the most prominent symptoms of scabies is severe itching which increases during night time. A person gets affected by awfully itchy sensations that develop six weeks after female mites have affected your skin. A person suffering from scabies infection may develop minute red spots or red rashes in skin. Scabies skin ailment basically affects the moist and warm parts of body. The mites burrow skin and causes thin grey lines which resembles like thick cord and are hard to identify without the use of magnifying glass.

Scabies Treatment And Symptoms


Any part of your body can get affected by scabies skin ailment but it has been seen that scabies mostly affects the following body areas:

  • Knees
  • Area between fingers
  • Buttocks
  • Armpits
  • Around the male genital area
  • Around waist
  • Around breasts
  • Along the insides of wrists
  • On the soles of feet
  • Shoulder blades
  • Inner elbow

Scabies Treatment:  

To treat mild scabies, one should use creams and lotions which are prescribed by doctors. But if you are affected by severe type of scabies, doctors can prescribe you pills. Certain medicines which are used for treating scabies are not safe for older adults, pregnant women and children therefore to avoid any type of dangerous side effects; medicines for scabies treatment should be taken under proper doctor’s guidance only.

Elimite is most common medication used to kill mites responsible for scabies infection. This medication is applied from head to bottom and left for 14 hours and then washed off in shower. This is applied at bedtime and then washed off next morning. This medication is basically used for small children and is repeated once in a week. Kwell should be avoided to be given to children as it can cause dizziness and seizures in children. Even pregnant women can go for Elimite once and then switch to another medication like sulphur in petroleum for three nights to treat scabies.

Various anti-itching medications can be used. The most common is diphenhydramine.

Occasionally the area on which rashes have developed gets infected. Remember to take it as a separate medical condition from scabies. This type of infection usually develops due to bacterial infection and it should be treated on time by using oral antibiotics or by the application of antibiotic ointments.

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  1. Varicose vein treatments says:

    If your skin has not healed within 4 weeks, you may still have mites. Some people need to treat 2 or 3 times to get rid of the mites. Be sure to see your dermatologist for treatment. You should never use a scabicide used to treat crops or livestock.

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