Risks Of Excessive Weight Loss And Exercise

Having bagged the Best Actress Oscar at the recently concluded Academy Awards, spotlight are on Natalie Portman for her exceptional performance in portraying an unhinged ballerina in the thriller, Black Swan, and on the excessive weight loss and exercise regimen she underwent to prepare for the role.



In interviews, she revealed that she had to a follow a very restricted diet of only almonds and carrots and had to train 5 to six hours a day to achieve the ballerina physique. There was even one point when she got very, very skinny that her film director got scared and convinced her to eat. This also shed light to the potential risk the art form of Ballet dancing poses.
Ballerinas are often pressured to be graceful and agile and always plagued by perfectionism and social anxiety. This culture of schools, which include requiring students to participate in mandatory weigh-ins, the form fitting wardrobe and presence of mirrors in dance studios, pushes the dancer to physical limitations and increases the risk for body image issues and eating disorders.

Excessive Weight Loss Dangers:   

But not only ballerinas fall prey to these weight loss dangers, according to experts women nowadays are getting more and more obsessed with their bodies and would almost often than not resort to drastic measures to achieve the figure they want. More women are opting for starvation or crash diets and excessive workout routine or going to the gym to lose weight and shape their body to whatever they desire. Not most of them know, though, that these activities can lead to irreversible health problems in the future, including:

  • Excessive dieting and working out can cause abnormal menstruation in women (amenoria), it can even stop the menstrual cycle and prevent women from becoming pregnant or can cause premature delivery, lower birth rates in babies and undernourishment.
  • Extreme weight loss common in dancers or women with eating disorders can deprive them of nutrients necessary for bodily functions and tend to be more sensitive and self-critical with lower self esteem.
  • Severe calorie restriction can also cause the following –
    • Phobias, compulsions and obsessions.
    • Fatigue, cognitive impairment and mood swings.
    • Decreased blood pressure and heart rate.
    • Poor immune functioning and decreased brain size.
    • Bowel obstructions, renal failure and decreased muscle mass.
    • Decreased brain function, osteoporosis and even infertility.

Experts stressed that dance companies and schools ought to make counseling and education sessions on healthy eating and exercise habits mandatory for their students.

Are You Indulging In Excessive Weight Loss And Exercises?   

Beware if you are indulging in excessive weight loss and exercises. This can cause more harm than good. What is your exercise routine? Are you sure you are not harming yourself with excessive weight loss and crash diets? Do share your experiences.

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8 comments on “Risks Of Excessive Weight Loss And Exercise
  1. Well said yes it is very necessary to know what kind of diet one should follow for weight loss.

  2. dht blocker says:

    My routine includes : 30 minutes of walking every other day (sometimes I swim instead of walking). But the most important thing in my opinion is what you eat after you finish your workout. I personally eat a high carbs food in order to restore my body after an intense workout…

  3. Casey says:

    I am always suprised when people go on crash diets after all except in extra ordinary circumstances they are very dangerous. Most people who are in the Hollywood circle have personal trainers and nutritionists on hand but they set a bad example for the rest of us who have to go it alone.

    Many women after having a baby go on crash diet and if they had eaten healthier during the pregnancy and exercised a bit they would have found the weight just fell off them after the baby. Why are we so easy to always do things the hard way when just eating right would be so much easier?
    Casey´s last post…..Home Work Outs For Pregnant MomsMy Profile

  4. Alison Barrows says:

    Hi! Good angle on the excessive weight loss pressure women face nowadays…

    I believe you can lose weight quite fast and you can keep a strict diet without severely de-balancing your body. However, I fully agree that excess is wrong and diets in which you have only very limited menu choices should rather be avoided.

    I think consistency is key. What is dangerous a lot of time is the speed with which people want to lose weight. If you keep a fairly strict but balanced diet, you will lose less weight per week. However, if you keep the diet for longer time losing less weight per week, it’s much better than keeping some crazy one to have a drastic weight loss fast.
    Alison Barrows´s last post…..Atkins Diet PlanMy Profile

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