What Are Bed Bugs? How To Get Proper Bed Bug Treatment?

Bed bugs are insects that are classified as parasites and these small bugs feed off the blood of mammals, preferably humans. The name is in relation to their desire to live in the beds of humans, since they love dark spaces where it’s easy to come into contact with humans. Along with beds its common to find these insects in other areas of the home including couches, chairs, dressers with clothing and more. Recognizing these bed bugs right away is important so you can get bed bug treatment to prevent a full home infestation, if it isn’t already too late.



How To Recognize Bed Bugs:          

Bed bugs are small flat bodied insects that will appear brownish or reddish in color. The shape of the body is ovular and there is only one set of front wings. The adults will only be about 4 mm or 5 mm in length and are often mistaken for other common pests like lice or tics. The new hatchlings or nymphs are going to be lighter in color and appear to be translucent. These bugs are nocturnal so the best time to see them in action is during the night hours. Often with just a flashlight you can see them in your mattresses and sheets.

Health Concerns From Bed Bugs:    

After being bitten by beg bugs humans will find an itchy rash and small red bumps, but no major health concerns or diseases are often an issue. It will take several bugs to cause lesions on the body. The bites can be treated with and over the counter medication. The feces from the bugs can cause trouble for those who have allergies. There it’s always advisable to prevent such situations by getting proper bed bug treatment done regularly.

Catching Bed Bugs:    

For those who want to test to see if the problem is bed bugs of if you want to capture the insects there are a few easy ways to do so without spending a lot of money. Using double sided tape on the base of the bed, around the mattresses and also around couches can help you determine if the pests are bed bugs. In the morning you’ll find the insects stuck onto the tape. There are sprays and bug bombs that are designed to assist with the bed bug treatment but often professional extermination is going to be necessary.

Bed Bug Treatment:    

Often exterminators will need to be called into get rid of the infestation for better bed bug treatment. You may be forced to get rid of mattresses and cushions and other linens in the home. Reducing clutter around the home can help to get rid of the problem, along with vacuuming often, and sealing all of the cracks or crevices that are found around the home in doorways, windows and attics. Checking animals for bed bugs is also necessary. For some leaving all infested furniture pieces outdoors in freezing temperatures has been affective.

These small insects can easily get into your home and start laying eggs, so it’s important to recognize bed bugs as quickly as possible to get the proper bed bug treatment done. Bed bugs can go months without eating live in low temperatures so be sure to check regularly if you have had bed bugs in the past.

Have You Had Bed Bug Treatment Recently?            

Bed bugs are a common household issue. They create unhygienic and unhealthy living conditions. Keeping the health concerns of the family in mind it is advisable to have regular bed bug treatment at home to get rid of bed bugs. If you have had a recent bed bug treatment done at home, do share your experiences with us.

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