Proven Organic Food Health Benefits

There was a lot of controversy about whether organic food is better than conventional or not. While there aren’t many scientific proofs of these two claims, one thing is sure. Organic food has many advantages over conventional food as it helps improve your health and prevent many diseases that other types of foods are proven to cause.



Did you ever think of what does the food you are eating contain? Is it healthy? Is it bad for your health? I’m sure you are not alone. In our age, health became a top priority for everyone; it’s almost becoming an obsession. But does this obsession rely on solid claims?

It’s scientifically proven that conventional food that we are eating these days has at least few pesticides in it; it’s also proven that pesticides cause cancer. In a matter of fact, pesticides are not the only problem with conventional food, there are other substances involved and which harm humans and nature in general such as: antibiotics, hormones…etc

So What Are The Organic Food Health Benefits?   

(1)   It’s More Nutritious:

Many studies have shown that organic food has up to 50% nutrients than inorganic. Because of the over use of chemicals in conventional agriculture, these day’s food contains more than 50% less nutrients than what it does 40 or 50 years ago. It’s also proven that organic food has more than 50% antioxidant phytonutrients; also organic meat has very less saturated fats.


(2)   Organic Food Prevents Many Diseases:

It’s proven that pesticides cause cancer, they also cause many nervous, endocrinal and reproduction related diseases and that’s what makes conventional food a real threat to our health. Because organic farming uses natural fertilizers to improve the soil and plants health, they don’t cause such diseases. Organic farming also uses insects and birds as a substitution of pesticides.


(3)   Organic Food Improves Your Health:

Organic food has very less toxic chemicals comparing to conventional food. It also has more good fat acids and more vitamins, these are proven to improve you health quality and prevent you from a lot of deadly diseases such as: strokes, cancer and heart related diseases.


(4)   Organic Food Tastes Very Good:

Many scientific tests have shown that organic food tastes better even when it’s stored for a long period of time.


(5)   Environmental Benefits Of Organic Food:

This is one of the best advantages that organic food has. Organic farming is proven to reduce pollution as it doesn’t use harmful chemicals and pesticides. It also provides ecological friendly solution to birds, bees and other animals and helps increase the quality of the soil and water.

 What’s Your Preference?   

Have you tried organic foods? Having seen some proven health benefits of organic food, what would be your choice, would you like to stick to the conventional food or would switch over to organic food? Do put your comments below.

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2 comments on “Proven Organic Food Health Benefits
  1. Gordon Drago says:

    Ever since I started eating organic my health has improved dramatically. I have to agree with you on the comments that you made about pesticides and herbicides being the problem with nonorganic food. I can definitely testify that organic food taste a lot better. Once you have organic you will never want to go back. People forget that all our nutrients are suppose to come from food not supplements. We live in quick fix society which demands magic pill answers for everything. Supplements are quick fix but they don’t solve the real problem at hand which is lifestyle. If you eat organic foods your one step ahead in moving to a healthier way of living.

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