Benefits Of Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy need to be properly discussed and planned in consultation with your physician well in advance for you and your baby to be fit and healthy during pregnancy.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise During Pregnancy

Although you may not feel like undertaking a regular fitness regime during pregnancy, but studies have shown that women who undertake a properly planned and balanced fitness regime during pregnancy have benefited for themselves as well as for their new born. Your exercise plan and the level of exercises recommended will, to a great extent, depend on your pre pregnancy fitness. Therefore a woman having a regular fitness regime stands to gain more during pregnancy ( though with a rescheduled exercise plan in consultation with her physician ) than a woman with absolutely no pre pregnancy exercise regime.

Advantages Of Exercise During Pregnancy –

As its been discussed earlier exercise during pregnancy has great advantages not only for the mother but also for the baby. It helps in the following ways –

  • Prepares The Mother And Her Body For The Birth:

Exercise helps build strong muscle and a fit heart to make the labor and delivery easy. It increases endurance which helps you to bear a lengthy labor. It helps in gaining control over breathing, which can help in managing pain.

  • Makes You Look Better:

Exercise gives you a healthy glow and a better look by increasing blood flow to your skin.

  • Makes You Feel Better:

During pregnancy when you feel awkward with your body shape, exercise can boost your energy level and confidence. It makes you feel better by releasing endorphin, a natural chemical from your brain.

  • Reduces Constipation:

Exercise reduces constipation by accelerating movement in your intestine.

  • Makes You Comeback To Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Shape :

You will quickly regain your pre-pregnancy body shape, because exercise will help you gain less fat weight during pregnancy but to achieve this you should be exercising under a regular health and fitness regime before becoming pregnant. But a caution here – don’t expect or try to loose weight by vigorous exercise during pregnancy, but the aim should be to maintain a definite fitness level throughout the pregnancy.

  • Relives Stress And Anxiety:

Exercise helps you relieve stress and anxiety during pregnancy which gives you a comfortable night’s sleep.

  • Improves Your Posture:

It relieves backache and strengthens and tones thighs, butt and back muscles thereby improving your posture

  • Prevents Joints During Pregnancy:

Exercise prevents damage to joints, which due to hormonal changes becomes loose during pregnancy, by lubricating and activating fluid in your joints.

What Should Be An Ideal Exercise During Pregnancy?  

Exercise plan during pregnancy may be different for different women, it depends on the fact that whether you were following a regular fitness regime before you become pregnant, if yes, then you can continue it with little modifications in consultation with your doctor during pregnancy, but if you did not follow any health and fitness regime before you become pregnant, never give up you can still start one, begin slowly and gradually with you doctor’s advice.

Before you embark on a fresh exercise regime during pregnancy, do discuss with your doctor if you have any of the following issues –

oVaginal bleeding

o Pre-mature rapture of your membranes

o Early contractions

o High blood pressure induced due to pregnancy

Exercises You May Try During Pregnancy:

It depends on your interests and your physician’s advice. You may try yoga, aerobics, dancing, swimming, walking etc. etc. Try out a combination of different exercises so as to give you a complete full body exercise plan.

Do definitely indulge in a regular exercise during pregnancy as it helps not only you but your child too.

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5 comments on “Benefits Of Exercise During Pregnancy
  1. steven hunter says:

    The easiest exercise for a pregnant women is a walk in the park. 30 minutes of walking is the most recommended workout.

  2. Jett says:

    Also obviously a lot of intake of vitamins is good for you too like Vitamin D especially which one way can be obtained from the Sun.
    Jett´s last post…..Cool NamesMy Profile

  3. Combining the comments above, let’s conclude that the easier exercise would be walking in the fresh air, soaking the sun rays (and vitamin D too)!:)
    I would add Kegel exercise too!
    Conceive a girl´s last post…..Is it true that I’m having a girl baby if…My Profile

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