Post Pregnancy Exercise Regime To Get Back In Shape

Motherhood is a joy in itself. Once your bundle of joy arrives, the mother starts worrying about getting back in shape as quickly as possible. Motherhood is a process which leaves a woman drained. But it need not be so. Now its time to give yourself 100%, lead a healthy lifestyle, eat the right food, get enough rest and last but not the least pamper yourself enough. For now its time to get back in shape after pregnancy and motherhood, so enjoy the company of your baby and start a post pregnancy exercise regime to get back in shape.



Experts list the following health tips for you to get back into action and indulge in post pregnancy exercise regime to get back in shape and regain your health to lead healthy and fit life after your bundle of joy arrives.

Health Tips For Post Pregnancy Exercise Regime:

  • Indulge In Massage:

The body naturally assists pregnancy by releasing a hormone, relaxin, which makes the joints more flexible.                              Since relaxin remains in the body for several months after delivery, don’t overstretch muscles and joints. Have a                          regular oil massage everyday. Warm mustard oil is great for the hormonal changes that the body undergoes during                  this phase.

  • Enjoy Dancing:

Dancing can be a great stress buster. The music perks you up and the moves helps burn some calories. Choose whatever interests you and catches your fancy. Flamenco, Jive, Salsa or Kathak get into it and enjoy every move. Remember along with the enjoyment that you get to relieve your stress you are also burning off calories to get back into shape after pregnancy.

  • Take Up Swimming:

After consultation with your doctor, find an hour to go for swimming. Water has a distressing effect on your mind. It’s a full body low impact exercise that does not jar the joints. If you are a bit adventurous then go a step ahead and take up aqua aerobics class that strengthens muscle and tones the abs.

  • Stroll With The Baby:

This one can only be done after the baby is three months old. Take the baby along with you to a garden with your hubby or some other help to handle the baby while you walk around for 30 minutes or so. The smell of wet mud and green grass has a soothing effect. Talking to the baby about trees, flowers and grass can also be a bonding exercise.

  • Munch Garden Cress Seeds:

To get back in shape after pregnancy garden cress seeds are very helpful because they are high in iron and low on fat. The iron makes up for loss of blood that is common during child birth. Have it as breakfast, with milk and jiggery.

  • Read And Listen:

What you read and listen has a direct impact on the baby’s mind. Listen to CD’s such as White Mountain etc. Also, soothing chants and mantras work well for new mothers. Make reading of good and feel good books a habit. You can pick up Deepak Chopra’s words for the soul, to PG Wodehouse’s charming novels to even the Harry Potter series, read anything that makes you feel good and positive.

  • Enjoy Some Pilates:

Here again you need to have your doctor’s advice before you get into it. Mat work pilates strengthen and distress the pelvic and deep abdominal muscles. Also it is good workout to relieve low back pain, common with new mothers. In consultation with your doctor do take up a suitable health regime, post pregnancy, and get back to shape and enjoy a healthy and fit life.

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  1. 333HealthSolutions says:

    Great tips for getting back to shape after pregnancy hope ladies will like this.

  2. Most mom after pregnancy must take some exercise in order to back to their natural shape. Like this post given, take some of it and be happy with your figure again. 🙂

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    I’ve found that increasing the amount of exercise each day and watching what you eat greatly increases your fat burning efforts.

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  8. Pstpartum Girdle says:

    It is so so important to look after yourself properly after you have had a baby. You body is recovering from a lot of stress and strain so take your time. Exercise should be gentle at first and you should make sure you eat enough of the good stuff. Don’t try to lose weight quickly, it vener works.
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    • RJSKOCHHAR says:

      @ Pstpartum Girdle – Yes, you are right, after delivery, don’t try to get instant weight loss because this could be harmful. Eat the right and nutrients rich diet and start with gentle and moderate exercises.

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    • RJSKOCHHAR says:

      Its natural that after the birth the mother gets more involved in the upbringing of the child, but at the same time she should also take some time out for herself and indulge in a proper health and fitness regime to get her body back into shape and regain her beauty and confidence back. Thanks.

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