Planning Childbirth At Home

So you’ve decided for childbirth at home! As well as being in a relaxing environment, you also get to choose where and in what atmosphere you give birth which may give you a feeling of control over what’s happening. When planning home birth the most important thing to remember is to keep an open mind. This doesn’t mean to allow others opinions to persuade you off your choice, but instead listen to your instincts and also your midwife. You may need to be transferred to the hospital and having an open mind will make this change of plan less stressful.



Birth Plan For Childbirth At Home:   

Now you’ve made that decision to have childbirth at home you might want to write a full birth plan. Make it as detailed as you want, highlighting or underlining the most important parts so your midwife can easily read it when the time comes. Feel free to discuss your birth plan with your midwife beforehand.

Decide whether or not you wish for a water birth. These can be done at home and can often help with the pain. If so, you’ll want a trial run to test how long it takes to inflate and fill the pool and you’ll want a good supply of hot water at all times leading up to the birth. A thermometer will come in handy too so you can test the temperature of the water.

Speaking of pain, you’ll want to discuss pain relief options with your midwife to fully prepare for home birth. Epidurals are not allowed at home however there are other options available. Decide on a pain relief you’re happy with and a back-up plan if it’s not having the desired effect.

You may want to detail in your birth plan what position you want to give birth in; whether or not you want music playing; if you want to touch the baby’s head as it crowns and if you want to find out the baby’s sex on your own. This is also the place to note whether you would prefer to tear naturally or would like a caesarean delivery in a situation where it is unavoidable.

When planning a childbirth at home you’ll want to decide whether or not you wish for an induced third stage or to deliver the placenta naturally. Discuss all your options with your midwife and make sure you know the pros and cons of each one. Highlight your choice in your birth plan.

Preparing The Room For Childbirth At Home:    

With childbirth at home, it’s the little touches which make the atmosphere so relaxed. Ways to prepare could include:

  • Creating a playlist if you want music on during the labor
  • Keeping a kettle nearby for the midwives
  • Putting a plastic sheet underneath the sheets you wish to deliver on to stop the carpet/bed becoming damaged
  • Stocking up on clean, dark towels for the birth
  • Having some containers nearby in case you are sick and having a friend over to distract your older children in a separate room if necessary.

Finally, try to relax and have some distractions on hand for the first stage of labor.

Forward planning will help your childbirth at home to be as relaxing as it can be and reduce your stress too, so all you have to concentrate on is welcoming your little one into the world.

Have You Had Childbirth At Home?      

Did you have childbirth at home? Or if you are planning one in the future hope this article helps you to plan well. Do share your views with us below.

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