Physiotherapy Can Treat More Than You Think

You’re so tired you can barely drag yourself out of bed. No, you aren’t suffering from too little sleep after a late night out. What you’re suffering from, and have been for months, is a bad case of insomnia. It doesn’t seem to matter how tired you might feel, night after night a good night’s sleep has become an impossible dream.



It wouldn’t be surprising for your doctor to refer you for physiotherapy for conditions such as sciatica or recuperating after a broken leg, but you’re pretty darn surprised that a visit to the clinic didn’t result in receiving a prescription for sleeping pills and instead you’re walking away with a referral to a physiotherapist.

When you keep your physical therapy appointment you are even more surprised to discover that your treatment will be massage therapy. Confessing that you’re a bit skeptical as to how a massage – especially a massage received at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, is going to relieve your inability to sleep your therapist assures you physical therapy massage is often used as an alternative to drugs in the treatment of insomnia.

Physiotherapy And Sleep:  

She goes on to explain that there are quite a few ways physiotherapy massage enhances the ability to sleep. If the insomnia is caused or made worse by pain, massage can help alleviate pain. Massage is also very effective in reducing muscle tension. Massage as a treatment for insomnia works because massage stimulates the parasympathetic portion of our nervous system which induces a relaxed state and, at the same time, assists in shutting down the over-stimulated sympathetic nervous system responsible for producing all that stress.

Although you’re fairly impressed with this information, your physiotherapist can see that some doubt remains as to whether or not physiotherapy is going to help you get some zzz’s. Attempting to give you more information that supports just how effective physiotherapy can be, she tells you that physiotherapy can treat more than most people think.

Complementary Treatment For Cancer:   

For example, physiotherapy doesn’t come to mind as a treatment for cancer. However, physical therapy helps cancer patients maintain appropriate levels of physical activity both during and recuperating from other cancer treatments. Even small amounts of physical exercise increase the patient’s heart rate, assist to maintain flexibility, and can boost tolerance for courses of chemo and/or radiation treatment. In addition, exercise releases endorphins, which can reduce pain and lift mood.

Cure For Asthma:    

If discovering that physiotherapy can help treat cancer isn’t enough, your therapist lets you know that later on she will have a patient who is being seen for asthma. Before you can ask how physiotherapy could help cure asthma, she tells you that she works with the patient on exercises to promote things such as better posture in order to open the chest and make breathing easier.

By the time you find yourself on the table ready for your massage you’ve also been told that physiotherapy is used to treat (among other things) osteoporosis, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. After hearing all this new information about how physiotherapy can treat much more than you ever thought, you have full confidence in your therapist’s ability to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Your Comments!!     

So you have seen how physiotherapy can treat more than you think. Have you experienced the benefits of physiotherapy? Do put your comments below.

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2 comments on “Physiotherapy Can Treat More Than You Think
  1. Mercedes says:

    Although I didn’t experience it first hand, I could say that I am a witness to the healing effects of Physiotherapy. A close friend of mine is suffering from a chronic kind of insomnia that he has to rely on sleeping pills most of the time to give him a good night’s sleep. I’ve known physiotherapy for quite some time from our college class years back, I tried to recommend this to him. When he started to have the therapy, he felt gradual changes in his sleeping pattern. So for those who are having a bedtime problem, why not visit your doctor for some professional recommendation?

  2. Hi Ravi,

    Very useful post,

    Happy to know physiotherapy can treat Cancer, Insomnia, Asthma. Physiotherapy is a good way to cure diseases and everybody should know about physiotherapy.

    Furthermore it is beneficial in back pain, chronic pain and it combat obesity, it can relieve pelvic floor disorder, it can help bad knees.

    Thanks for great post.
    Praveen Verma´s last post…..Health Benefits of MushroomsMy Profile

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