Overweight People Have Less Sex Desire

Have you ever realized that being overweight not only affects your physical appearance and your health and fitness, but you are likely to have less sex desire or below normal sex desire, according to researchers.  An increased waistline can lead to decreased bedroom activity which can often lead to marital discord. “I’m exploring the effects of being overweight or obese on sexual relationships, both the frequency of, and intensity of sexual activity”, Frances Quirk, a professor at James Cook University said.

Sex Desire In Overweight People

Sex Desire In Overweight People

Sex plays an important role in a relationship between man and women. There is no doubt about the fact that the initial attraction between a man and a woman is their respective physical attraction, but once they cross this stage and are into a relationship, then comes the more important role of sex. It plays the role to bind the couple more intensely. Researchers have established that couples which indulge in sex more often and make sexas an important part of their being are more in love with each other and have more feelings for ‘caring and sharing’ with each other, than the couples which hardly care for a normal sexual life and ignore it altogether.

Couples which have a normal sexual life are more content and are full of energy and motivation to face the life ahead. Sex plays the role of energy booster and at the same time sex is also considered to be a good exercise to keep oneself healthy and fit. So why not have a good and rewarding sexual life when it comes with loads of benefits associated with it. Apart from the pleasure that you derive from it you also get good exercise out of the activity, thereby benefiting your overall health and fitness. But all said and done to get all the benefits and advantages of a great sexual life you need to be in proper health and should be completely fit, what I mean to say here – is check your weight, because if you tend to be overweight there are chances that you may have less sex desire.

There are several biological and physical factors which are responsible for decrease in sexual functionality. Sexual dysfunction is very personal and even within a relationship lots of couples find it very difficult to talk about. Excessive weight gain may lead one partner to find the other less physically attractive, a change in hormone production and lower energy levels and all such things can have a negative impact on your sex life.

Quirk said people are likely to be attracted to certain body shapes in the opposite sex. When men see women with a small waistline and broad hips they are just primed to respond to those shapes, while women are attracted to the triangular shape of a man. These body types indicate the hormonal and physiological characteristics that are naturally attractive. With a round body shape all of those cues are hidden so what you are relying on in terms of your own sexual response to someone are subjective feelings.

Hope now you get the insight of the topic and get motivated enough to lose some weight, be determined and get into a daily fitness regime and regain your health and fitness and enjoy your sexual life forever and forever!!

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