How To Handle Obesity And Weight Loss?

What Is Obesity In Medical Terms?

Obesity and weight loss are two terms which are some what related to each other if we talk in terms of  general health. A standard definition of obesity is an excess accumulation of fat, stored in the body, which goes beyond being overweight. It is a chronic condition which can lead to all kinds of ill-health associated with carrying too much weight. Body fat is expressed in percentage of fat according to body weight. A normal amount of fat would be 25% to 30% in women. Men carry slightly less fat, between 18% and 23%.

Obesity And Weight Loss


While everybody needs to maintain a layer of fat to keep warm, to prevent internal organs getting knocked, amongst other things. However, too much body fat has a far more detrimental effect on the body than too little. Therefore a moderate fitness regime is recommended for every human being to keep oneself fit and healthy. Obesity is recognized in women when body fat is in excess of 30% and body fat in men more than 25%. Obesity is measured by calculating the body mass index. This equates to a person’s weight in kilograms which is divided by their height in m. The resulting BMI defines obesity as being 30 and over.
Obesity is a common problem in the Western world and an indictment on poor nutritional habits which currently exist in the West. In America, 1:3 of the adult population is obese, with obesity in childhood reaching epidemic proportions with up to 25% of children being obese. Over the past seven to eight years, obesity has almost doubled. However, a report from the Archives of Internal Medicine has now been published which indicates that being overweight does not necessarily equate with being unhealthy.

Regular Exercises May Help Obese People To Stay Healthy And Lose Weight too:

The difference that makes a big person healthy as opposed to a big person being unhealthy is the amount and extent of regular exercise that person takes. Exercise has such a profound effect on the body that new clinical studies now acknowledge that a person can actually be fat and still be healthy therefore it is advisable to understand the relation between obesity and weight loss before embarking on a crash weight loss program.

Obesity and weight loss

Check Weight Regularly

High cholesterol, high blood pressure, risk of diabetes – the risk of all of these is far higher for people who are obese, as much as 50% higher. When you consider that people of normal weight have a 75% chance of normal cholesterol and blood sugar results you can see there is quite a difference. The majority of the population still is overweight, with being unhealthy, body image is still something to be aspired to, even today with so many people overweight. All the nicest clothes are made for people who are slim and, in many cases, actually too thin to be considered healthy – this, however, is the image portrayed by fashion designers and the dream to which most people still buy into – literally, in many cases.
People come in all shapes and sizes but it seems the vast majority of women want to be seen as slim and therefore each individual should design his/her exercise schedule according to his/her body requirements and needs. Whole industries have evolved around that single concept. At one end of the spectrum you have healthy weight loss groups such as WW who advocate a safe and healthy eating plan and, completely at the other end of the spectrum you have liposuction and bariatric surgery. In between that gamut range fitness centers and gyms, circuit training groups and a selection of other slimming clubs, all of which based on a particular eating plan and a lot of group support. But if you are fasting for weight loss, refrain from it, else you will end up with multiple health problems.

What Are Your Views On Obesity And Weight Loss?

Group discussion is a way to self educate ourselves. It’s always healthy to discuss a topic and share your view point with others, this makes a win – win situation for everyone. Please discuss and put your comments on what do you think about obesity and weight loss.

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