Natural Fibromyalgia Treatments

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder characterized by widespread pain, fatigue, sleeping difficulties, stiffness and swelling. This painful ailment mainly affects women. Natural fibromyalgia treatments help in curing the condition by using natural remedies which not only cure the condition but also eliminate the side effects of the drugs used in other forms of treatments.



Proper Assessment Is Necessary For The Right Fibromyalgia Treatment:   

Before prescribing any form of treatment, doctor should learn complete history of a patient, severity and location of ongoing pain, nature of pain, trauma if patient has undergone through, how his sleeping pattern is disrupted, how his daily functioning is affected by symptoms. Past medical history should be ascertained along with information about the previous treatments taken to cure fibromyalgia. A family history of ailments such as psychological disorders, arthritis, hypothyroidism and migraines should be gathered.

Thorough Examination:  

The guidelines for fibromyalgia treatment includes total examination of every joint, mental status through psychological evaluation, palpate tender spots, symptoms of anxiety, depression and migraine headaches. Doctors should also perform complete gynecological and neurological exams to reduce the chances of other conditions to prop up.

In fibromyalgia treatment, the first and foremost thing done is giving medications for reducing sleep disturbances with drugs with amitriptyline. Exercises, massage therapy, cardiovascular workouts, muscle building, stretching all helps in curing fibromyalgia.

Natural Fibromyalgia Treatments:      

Some natural fibromyalgia treatments are given below- have a look!

Herbal Remedies:  

Herbal remedies are one of the best ways for natural fibromyalgia treatments. Herbal treatments are not only effective but beneficial as well in treating various symptoms of fibromyalgia ailment. Herbs like Echinacea, garlic and astragulus improves immune system and wide variety of fibromyalgia symptoms in an effectual way. Turmeric helps in combating pain and inflammation. Ginseng herb helps in getting relief from fatigue associated with fibromyalgia.

Essential oils which are used in aromatherapy such as lavender, black pepper, chamomile, myrrh, eucalyptus, basil, peppermint and juniper all help in soothing muscle and joint pain as well as stress related to fibromyalgia. Herbs like willow bark, cayenne, licorice root, grape seed extract, calendula, black walnut, ginger, ginkgo biloba and milk whistle extract all help in treating fibromyalgia symptoms in magical ways.

Fibromyalgia Vitamins:  

You all would be surprised to know that fibromyalgia patients suffer from low levels of magnesium and vitamin D in their body. Vitamin D, which is known as sunshine vitamin have wonderful effects on nerve and muscle functions. Various studies have proved that low levels of vitamin D in body can lead to chronic pain of fibromyalgia. So it’s important to take adequate amount of vitamin D to naturally cure fibromyalgia.

Acupuncture And Diet:   

Acupuncture is another treatment for fibromyalgia. It makes use of ancient Chinese medical practices to give long lasting results.

Diet too plays a key role in curing fibromyalgia. Include lean protein in diet which avoids occurrence of fluctuations in body glucose level otherwise it can cause fatigue. Include lots of fruits and veggies in your regular diet.  Avoid caffeine in diet as it can cause headaches and interfere in your sleeping patterns which can further trigger fatigue. Just like sugar, intake of simple carbs should also be reduced in diet as it causes increased sensitivity to blood sugar highs and lows.

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