Natural Colon Cleansing Methods

By admitting that you feel constipated to your family and friends is, strangely enough, a joke in itself. No one knows exactly why, but that nagging feeling that you always feel stuck up when you’re busy doing something may have contributed to this fact. Just like any other poop joke out there, the feeling of constipation has been dissected over and over again in the media most notably, in commercials and advertisements. So why not talk about some natural colon cleansing methods.



Well, if there’s anything that we can credit pharmaceuticals with, it’s that they know a niche when they see one. And man, what a niche this whole constipation problem has turned out to be. Credit it to working long hours on the desk with only your eyes and your fingers moving and to the elimination of certain foods from our certain diets, among other factors. But however your constipation may have been caused, we’d all readily agree that it certainly is not a pleasant feeling.

So that’s why natural colon cleansing methods have been a popular practice, back then and even now.

Types Of Natural Colon Cleansing Methods:    

There are different types of colon cleansing methods, and contrary to what you may think, it doesn’t involve inserting one’s hand into something and pulling out another thing (Confused yet? We really did it deliberately so that you won’t know how gross it really is.).

Natural colon cleansing can be done with the help of a professional, or you can do it DIY by looking for herbal products or commercially-prepared treatments.

(1)   Colon Irrigation:   

One example of a natural colon cleansing method is the time-tested tradition of a high colonics procedure. Otherwise known as a colon irrigation this kind of procedure may bear an eerie resemblance to that other high-profile therapy, enema. However, while an enema can prove to be often mechanistically rapid and harsh in its procedure, colonic irrigation doesn’t force you to immediately feel the sensation of going oftentimes, it only involves a huge quantity of water, with none of the unforgiving soap solution that accompanies every enema. The therapist will then rub the abdomen to stimulate the toxin to go down and be easily expelled later. While it may be a very long procedure (from an hour or two), at least you won’t leave with the feeling that you’ve been severely weakened and drained (which is, technically, what these procedures are doing anyway).

(2)   Herbal Supplements:   

There are other ways to observe natural colon cleansing. For one, herbal supplements are now aplenty in just about anywhere, and you can even buy one form over the counter! There are herbal extracts that contain the usual bulking materials like fiber (it may also be a good idea to increase your fruit and vegetable consumption), and there are also some that can come in the form of some very strong herbal teas.

(3)   Water, The Most Natural Alternative:   

But if you want to try asking your parents or grandparents, there’s probably one answer that they have to offer if you’re finding for a natural colon cleansing method and that is – water. It’s not that we’re constantly touting whatever power regular water may have, but you also have to consider that as long as you’re thinking about excretion, regularly drinking water can also mean that you regularly sweat and that you have lesser difficulty in urinating. It also makes sense it can be beneficial in moving your bowels, too.

Now, who needs laxatives when you’ve got these things above to keep your colon some company? It really is important that you have a clean colon, since this is, after all, an integral part of how your body works and functions. We just hope that you can complete your day without feeling… er, heavier.

What Are Your Ways Of Doing It!!     

We have listed some of the best natural colon cleansing methods to help you overcome that heavy feeling down under, hope these help. By the way we would like to hear from you if you want to share some more natural colon cleansing methods for the benefit of our readers.

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