Myths And Facts About Depression

Understanding what depression is equips you to handle the condition well. There are lots of myths associated with the condition which makes it all the more necessary to know the facts about depression. Depression is a serious and very common medical condition in today’s life which interrupts our daily functioning. People going through serious depression go to the extent of harming themselves.



Brain imaging research shows that brain of people suffering from depression function differently from the brain of people who are not depressed. In people suffering from depression, important brain chemical called neurotransmitters appear to be out of balance. In depressed people, brain areas that regulate behavior, mood, appetite, thinking and sleep function abnormally.

Let’s Analyse Some Myths And Facts About Depression-


  • Depression Is Hereditary:

It is often believed that you are three times more likely to suffer from depression if your parents suffered from depression. On the other hand scientists believe that depression may be caused due to a combination of psychological, genetic and environmental factors.

  • Elderly People Are More Prone To Depression:

It is assumed that elderly people are more prone to depression, but the fact is middle aged people between the age of 40 – 59 years have the highest rate of depression. Though age has nothing to do with depression, but medication side effects, ill health, social isolation, financial problems can contribute as the major factors responsible for depression in elderly people.

  • Depression Can Occur Due To Emotional Problems:

Though it is believed so but the emotional problem alone is not solely responsible for depression. People from all walks of life can go through depression, not just only people with previous history of emotional troubles. A person can suffer depression after trauma or after a loss of a loved one or under stressful situations such as losing a job etc.

  • Discussing Depression Makes It Worse:

On the contrary if depression is talked and discussed you find ways to come out of it. Various talk therapy and psychotherapy have been proven effective in treating depression. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) teaches people new ways of thinking to replace negative thoughts and behaviours which are responsible for depression. Another therapy known as interpersonal therapy (IPT) makes people understand troubled relations and help them find ways to overcome the difficulties.


  • Depression Can Be Physically Painful:

Depression can cause physical symptoms such as queasy or nauseated sensation, chest pain, dizziness or light headedness, exhaustion, sleep problems and changes in weight and appetite. Depression can also worsen muscle pains and joint pains. Depression also causes emotional symptoms such as irritability and anxiety and hopelessness.

  • Most People Suffering From Depression Avoid Medical Treatment:

Research indicates that only 39 per cent people suffering from depression seek professional medical care through mental health professional, generally people visit a primary care doctor and therefore most of the cases of depression go undiagnosed or undertreated. Though some chronic cases of depression are tough to treat but most of the cases are treatable with talk therapy and antidepressants. It is always better to start the treatment at the earliest, because the sooner the treatment the better the effect is.

Let’s Have Your Views:

I have mentioned some common myths and facts about depression above. What are your views on the topic? If you have some other myths and facts on depression please feel free to share them through your comments here.

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