Movement For Pleasure – Way To A Healthy Lifestyle

Today movement for pleasure has become a way to healthy lifestyle. Exercise has always been associated with dieting or losing weight rather than emphasizing the benefits of exercise on health and fitness. Health and fitness benefits from exercise is rather a new way of thinking about exercise and, where in the past, people were advised to exercise fiercely, join a gym, workout with weights, more spontaneous forms of exercising are now an acceptable alternative and easier to fit into people’s busy 21st century lives.

Movement For Pleasure

Movement For Pleasure

Clinicians are now advocating movement for pleasure to benefit both mental and physical health, taking a more holistic attitude to keeping fit.

Where To Begin From?

So, where do you start? Nobody is advocating joining a gym. For one thing they are expensive and, for another, it takes commitment to keep going and you have to find time in your day to go. Hot and sweaty is for the athletic – those svelte young things who really do not need to be reading this! Any kind of activity counts as exercise. Take the dog for a 10-minute walk. The dog will thank you and you will be achieving your goal. Find your nearest country park or disused railway track that has been reallocated as a cycleway. You don’t need to be particularly fit as the disused railway tracks are completely flat. If you run out of puff, get off your bike and walk for a bit.

Gardening is always a good exercise. You pick a nice day and start pottering about the garden and, before you know it, you have got stuck in. After digging away all afternoon, your muscles might ache a bit, but your mind will feel much more alert. You could, of course, visit your nearest indoor climbing center. These are springing up all over the place, in disused churches, and other locations. You don’t have to be a climbing guru to get started and each center has a women’s group, a men’s group and even a children’s group. Learning to climb is extremely good exercise and you can learn from scratch at one of the many beginners’ courses. In fact, you don’t even have to have a head for heights as the beginners’ climbing walls are not particularly high. It is, however, tremendous fun – and good exercise. If you do, by any chance, find an enthusiastic streak, you can always hire an exercise video from the library or go and buy one. However, a word of caution: hiring the video will not count as exercise – you do have to actually use it!

If you prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, join a dance class: line dancing, ballroom dancing or, if you have the energy, contemporary dancing – or, just go bowling. All of these activities are valid exercise strategies and all will help you to become fitter and develop more stamina if you become involved and incorporate an interesting movement for pleasure into your daily life.

What Are Your Movement For Pleasure To Lead A Healthy Life?   

The purpose is to stay healthy and fit and for this you can find pleanty of ways than the usual hitting the gym at the scheduled time and engaging yourself in those streneous workouts. Instead you can move around and check for various alternative ways to get the required regular exercises that the body needs. How do you exercise to keep yourself  healthy and fit?

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  2. I just love to do ballroom dancing specially during my free times. dancing is my passion.~-;

    • RJSKOCHHAR says:

      Dancing is a very good exercise in itself. This is a better way to enjoy yourself at the same time you exercise your body enough to keep yourself fit and healthy.

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