Macular Degeneration Treatments

Macular degeneration is a degenerative eye disease that afflicts millions of American, primarily over the age of 60. Those that suffer form this disease may have black spots, blurriness, or other distortions in their center field of vision. Research into the causes of macular degeneration as well as macular degeneration treatment options are making headway in helping older adults cope with this progressive eye condition.



A lot of mystery still surrounds macular degeneration. Researchers continue to try to understand its exact causes, so that the condition can be prevented. Additionally, new macular degeneration treatments that provide better results providing hope for millions of American afflicted by this eye disease.

Recent FDA Approved Macular Degeneration Treatments:   

Several treatments have been introduced and approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in the last few years. Some treatments involve an injection into the eye of a drug. The patient receives injections at regular time intervals, and many users have experienced improvements in their condition.

In 2010, the Implantable Telescope was approved by the FDA as a treatment for macular degeneration. A miniature telescope is implanted into the eyes of those experiencing severe central vision loss. Images are magnified, and many users have reported improved vision, sometimes significantly.

Investigative Treatments:  

There are some new macular degeneration treatments being studied that have not yet been approved by the FDA, but might be available to those suffering from the disease through a clinical trail program. One investigative treatments option makes use of stem cells. These stem cells are being tested for use in treating macular degeneration, including some forms of macular degeneration in young people.

New drugs are being investigated that could potentially mean improvement for some macular degeneration patients. Some drugs have shown to potentially slow the advancement of macular degeneration.

Artificial Retinas: 

Artificial retinas are another treatment option that is being investigated. Currently, the artificial retinas under investigation can help those with complete vision loss regain very rudimentary vision. There is hope that as investigation continues, artificial retinas will be available to help patients see even more clearly and improve their vision.

There is so much progress yet to be made in the area of macular degeneration treatments. There is hope that as more research is completed, more effective new treatments for macular degeneration will continue to be introduced, helping millions of older adults around the world.

Your Feedback: 

If you or anyone close to you is suffering from macular degeneration, I hope the above new macular degeneration treatments and the ongoing advancements in the field add a bright ray of hope to all the people suffering from this degenerative health condition.

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