Lose Weight Through Exercise

Trying To Lose Weight? Be Sure to Exercise

You are embarking on a weight-loss program to improve your health, or perhaps to fit into last year’s wardrobe, the best bet – lose weight through exercise. As you think about the lifestyle changes to lose weight, be sure to incorporate regular physical activity into your day. Studies show that you can lose weight with changes in eating behavior alone by developing a diet to lose weight from your own, but weight loss is more healthful and is more likely to be permanent when exercise is part of your program. Here are some reasons to make regular physical activity the cornerstone of your weight-loss program.

Lose Weight Through Exercise

Lose Weight Through Exercise

With Exercise, Weight Loss = Fat Loss:

If you want to lose weight then think for a minute about what kind of weight you want to lose. If you want to get rid of fat, and keep the muscle tissue that gives them a healthy, toned appearance, and revs up their metabolic rate. It is easy to forget that not all weight loss is fat loss. Most people equate a change in scale weight with success. Unfortunately, this leads people to value fast weight loss; but, fast weight loss is not all fat weight loss. In fact, the faster the weight loss occurs, the more likely it is to be water weight, as water is shed along with muscle carbohydrate stores. Some of the loss also comes from the breakdown of lean tissue, such as muscle and even bone. Loss of muscle and bone tissue is harmful, especially to mid-life and older adults who are somewhat small to begin with. Muscle and bone mass decline with age in most people, leading eventually to risk of frailty and osteoporosis. This decline is difficult to reverse as the years go by. Loss of lean tissue is also counterproductive to weight control, since metabolic rate is a function of muscle mass. This means that loss of lean tissue leads to a lower metabolic rate and, ironically, more difficulty maintaining a healthy weight.

With Exercise, Lost Weight is More Likely to Stay Off:

You very well know that repeated instances of weight loss and regain can be harmful to your health. When you go through weight loss cycles and regain weight, you are more likely to develop hypertension and heart disease. You are also more likely to lose lean tissue, gain fat around the middle end up with a lower metabolic rate. So if your goal is good health, you want to be sure that your weight-loss efforts don’t go to waste (or to waist!). If you want the weight to keep off permanently then lose weight through exercises.  Many studies have indicated that regular physical exercises are very important to keep lost weight away. People, who maintain a significant weight loss for at least two years, exercise on an average, about one hour a day. They also continue to be careful about their food choices. Look for the best weight loss exercises and form your own exercise regime.

Exercise Offers Many Health Benefits:

Public health experts urge everyone to exercise regularly, because exercise offers a number of important health benefits. Exercise helps you lose weight, and there are several health benefits of losing weight. Many of these benefits reduce the health risks associated with obesity and being overweight. For example, while excess body fat increases your risk for high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and heart disease, regular physical activity helps to improve blood pressure and blood sugar control, and reduce heart disease risk.

Exercise Strengthens Willpower and Reduces Stress:

Changing your lifestyle is not easy. Negative emotions and feelings of stress are the most common reasons that people quit following their weight-loss programs. Regular physical activity can help you to stick to your weight-control plan by reducing feelings of stress, giving you energy, improving the quality of your sleep and helping you feel stronger. As your fitness begins to improve, so does your quality of life. Regular physical activity can also reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.

Create Opportunities For Daily Physical Activity:

Exercise need not be intense to be beneficial. If your doctor says you can exercise, start slowly and build gradually. Find activities that are convenient and enjoyable. Just a few minutes of walking daily can improve your fitness levels significantly and help to lead a fit and healthy life.

Do You Lose Weight Through Exercise To Maintain a Healthy Weight?   

Moderate and regular exercises are the best option to keep one healthy and fit. Do tell us about your exercise regime and the benefits you derive out of it.

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